Friday, May 24, 2013

Power Rangers Action Card Game #3: Universe of Hope

UPDATED 7/27/13
Pictures from ToyWiz:
Information from FuryDiamond:
Universe of Hope has new cards from Power Rangers Zeo, Time Force, Dino Thunder, Wild Force, and Jungle Fury.  The new series introduces seasonal team cards, which have been hinted in the upcoming Action Card Game Promo Cards. The Starter Deck comes with: 40 Cards (Two 20 Card Decks – Megaforce and Samurai), 1 Die, 1 Game Mat

Each Booster pack has 10 cards: 6 Common, 3 Rare, and 1 Super / Ultra Rare.
The complete set consists 120 cards of 80 Booster-only cards and 40 Starter Deck cards.

I remember the ACG facebook saying that the Silver Space Ranger and Titanium Ranger would be in this series. 
Interview between Fury Diamond and Andy of Bandai America Cards
 New "Universe of Hope" info from Andy (Bandai Cards). The first Universe of Hope preview card will be posted in early June (possibly this Friday) on Facebook.

1. FD: How many cards are in Starter Deck?
A of BA: 40 cards total with two 20 card mini decks featuring Megaforce and Samurai/Super Samurai.

2. FD: How many total cards are in Series 3?
A of BA: There are 90 cards in Series 3 boosters with 30 cards exclusive to the starters.

3. FD: Will the Starter Deck consist of Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Samurai?
A of BA: Yes, the starter will have Megaforce Rangers and Super Samurai Rangers, and for the first time the starters will contain their Ultra and Super Modes respectively.

Additionally there are 2 Ranger "Team" cards for each series, these "Team" cards functions the same as any Ranger card and are played during the Summon Step but they are often higher cost and contain multiple MAX Powers.

4. FD:Which seasons are included in Series 3?
A of BA: Set 3 has cards from Megaforce, Super Samurai, RPM, Jungle Fury, S.P.D., Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm, Wild Force, Time Force, Lightspeed Rescue, Lost Galaxy, Space, Zeo, & Mighty Morphin.

5. FD: Are there going to be 6th Rangers in Series 3?
A of BA: Over 12 special Rangers (6th, 7th, etc.), more Battlizer Modes, and a whole bunch of "Team" Ranger cards.
Andy of Bandai already confirmed with me that Silver Space Ranger would be in Series 3. Titanium in the future. (

6. FD: Are there duplicates in the Starter Deck?
A of BA: The Starter Deck will have 30 exclusive cards and 2 Ranger Team cards. The deck will follow the same concept as Rise of Heroes with 10 duplicate cards.

7. FD: How many Ultra Rares in Series 3?
A of BA: This was the first set that I had complete control of the card lineup in addition to the card effect. I made it with the stand point of a true PR fan so there are a ton of fan favorites (and don't worry what we missed here will be in Series 4), in the set there are 5 Ultra Rare and 10 Super Rare cards. The Gold Zeo Ranger has a really unique effect and will be a sweet looking Super Rare.

8. FD: What else can you tell us about the Team cards?
A of BA: We plan to make every season into a "Team" card, in this set (not including starters which has 2 already), there are 7 other "Team" Ranger cards all of which are either Super Rares or Ultra Rares.

There are also several surprises for players who like Villain Decks so those players will be really happy, I guarantee it!
He says there is 12 sixth ranger/extra heroes. Basically all the Sixth Rangers have been covered except Titanium Ranger, Mercury Ranger and Phantom Ranger. And maybe Omega, Lunar Wolf,  Quantum, Gold Zeo, and Silver Space Ranger will get more cards, plus Magna Defender.

Here are the 12:
1. Robo Knight
2. Gold Samurai Ranger

3. RPM Ranger Gold

4. Green Samurai Ranger
5. Omega Ranger

6. Lunar Wolf Ranger

7. Quantum Ranger

8. Magna Defender

9. Gold Zeo Ranger

10. Shadow Ranger

11. Mighty Morphin Green

12. Silver Space Ranger


Unknown said...

Another Samurai and Megaforce deck? What's the point when they're not even the focus of the set? I guess this'll be another easy pass.

Unknown said...

Another Samurai and Megaforce deck? What's the point when they're not even the focus of the set? I guess this'll be another easy pass.

Lavender Ranger said...

The starter deck has Ultra Megaforce Rangers and Super Samurai Rangers. They are the focus.