Monday, May 20, 2013

Top Ten Things I'd like to see in Super Megaforce but don't think we will be seeing

UPDATED 3/09/14
 The following I'd like to see (or think fans would like to see) that I think most likely we won't be getting. Doesn't mean for sure we won't and also doesn't mean for sure we will.

10. A decent farewell to Robo Knight
Many people are worrying about Robo Knight's fate since Silver Super Megaforce Ranger will be taking his place and he's human. In Goseiger, Gosei Knight lost his powers and became the zord head that flew around. In Gokaiger vs Goseiger, when he got his key back, he became his Gosei Knight form again. The same thing could happen to Robo Knight or he could get Ninjor'd. (Ninjor had no proper farewell as time was reversed and they hadn't met Ninjor yet and had no more Ninja Zords or Ninja powers. When time went back to normal, they got the Zeo powers and never saw him again.)

9. Resolution to Jake and Gia
Maybe it will be resolved, maybe not. There are a lot shippers out there for them. Tori and Blake (Ninja Storm) and Kira and Trent (Dino Thunder) were not resolved. Some writers forget or don't think its so important. Theo and Lily in Jungle Fury was resolved. With the track record, Samurai had storytelling and mood problems and Megaforce has some flat characters (Emma and Troy) so characterization will be lopsidded. 

8. Powers and Members won't be explained
I really really think this will be true that there won't be any explanation on how some Rangers got their powers back and also the whole Tommy debate either. Also since we saw Legend War footage in Megaforce and pics from JDF of the last ep "Legendary Battle" and images of it in the promos and opening theme, so we see most of the past rangers briefly but most likely we won't hear how they got their powers back. Lots of fans care about the powers, evidence by "Forever Red"--which I didn't really care where their powers came from. But in "Once A Ranger" Sentinel Knight magically gave everyone their powers back. He could still do that I suppose but him being from Disney, it is doubtful.

7. Male Pink Rangers
In Gokaiger vs Gavan, all six Gokaiger transform into Pink Rangers briefly. But since 3 of them are pre-Zyu, so they can't use the footage. Anyway, it was really really short. And lots of American fans doubt it will happen. I have already gone over and over that I think Pink is just a color and doesn't have a gender. Unfortunately the majority of the countries involved with Power Rangers and Super Sentai (United States, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, United Kingdom, Mexico and other countries) consider Pink a female color.  In Gokaiger, all 6 became Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, I doubt we will see them all. Given that Blue is inside their ship and mot times they have a new set and also the Green change has too many pre-Zyu suits. Some people don't even think we will be getting the gender bending suits (for example, male Blue Wind Ranger, female Yellow Wind Ranger & female Navy Ranger) but that makes no sense because they are in the footage and would they just switch colors and exclude the Pink Ranger in Jungle Fury, RPM and Ninja Storm changes?

6. Aquitar Rangers Episode
Maybe it will happen as Ninjor has been spotted being shot on the show, and Ninjaman shows up for the Kakuranger episode. Not a lot of kids might know who they are so an episode highlighting them would be nice. This could still happen.

5. Basco
Basco is one of the favorite characters of fans in Gokaiger. He is just a dick, a fun campy and deadly villain, one more compelling than others. For Samurai lovers, he is a bit like Deker but much more fun and entertaining. He is an antagonist in getting the Ranger Keys and Greast Treasure in the Universe. It looks like the GTU will not be used in Power Rangers because Gosei just pulled the Super Mega powers out of nowhere and they just have to master the powers--not gain 'greater powers'. Plus Basco would take a lot of explaining and time for just 20 episodes. It was believed that his name is spelled Basco because of the B on his flag and Basco part of Tabasco.But the Figuart has the name Vasco. (At this time Tamashi Nations will not be releasing it outside of Japan)

4.  Wind Rangers Returning
Pua M. (Shane) and Sally Martin (Tori) have already confirmed they were not called so it looks like we won't be getting what is in the footage. In Gokaiger, the 3 Hurricangers return for 2 episodes and take back their Ranger Keys and transform in one episode and fight alongside the Gokaiger. So they have the footage of the Hurricangers, they could (in theory) had brought back only 3 Ninja Storm Rangers and have them transform. But it looks like it won't be happening with the actors not going to film and also this whole alumni-budget thing and also the Saban vs. Disney stuff (since many Disney actors weren't asked back). So in my theory, they won't be using this footage.
3. A guest for each Tribute Episode
It looks like that it won't be following Gokaiger that one Ranger guest appeared in each tribute episode, it also has been revealed that Toei did not plan it in the beginning. But because of the Earthquake in Japan, it encouraged veterans to come back to cheer up kids, also since most of the ones who returned were from the 90's that were probably which most young parents of young kids grew up with. And SB says they don't have much budget for guests and it looks like we won't be getting much guests for each tribute episode because lots of the Disney alumni haven't been contact and lots of Saban alumni are declining. And even people like Rhett Fisher and Blake Foster that wanted to return, have been declined. I doubt we will get exposition on what has happened to each Ranger (even those that show up) since we last saw them.

2. American-Only Ranger Keys and suits used
Fury Diamond says his inside source says that there will be no Titanium Ranger or Spirit Rangers suits as I have mentioned various times here. I really really want it to happen because they are POWER RANGERS. In late May with the shooting with former rangers in suits that is being dubbed "Mega War," Titanium Ranger was spotted. They do have the suit but it is still not known if the Super Megaforce Rangers will have a key of him or transform into Titanium Ranger.

 1. MMPR Reunion
This for sure won't be happening at all! Since David Yost and Walter Jones declined doing the show. Also most likely Amy Jo Johnson will decline as well. SB has been looking for Austin St. John with no luck. Thuy Trang rests in peace as we know. Jason David Frank seems to be the only one returning. Did I think it would happen? (Return of Jason, Kim, Zack, Billy and Tommy) No. Would I want it? Kinda, not really, I can live fine without it.

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coolfool2000 said...

My idea for Megaforce would be if fan bought the series and produced it, the 1st season is with the Goseiger footage, but instead of Gosei and Tensou, Alpha 5 created the powers and is the mentor/commander to the rangers. The red ranger would be a strong leader, the black ranger would be strong and hardworking, the blue ranger would be high intelligent but lazy (but finds passion working with the rangers' technology), the yellow ranger is would be responsible but stressed because she's always about her schoolwork, and the pink ranger would be a cheerleader who friendly towards others and loyal to defend those who need it. The Goseiger part of the anniversary series would have Power Ranger references, but mostly MMPR as the Goseiger suits are similar to the MMPR suits. Gosei Knight would still be a sixth ranger, but the Green of Evil saga with gosei green will not be a 5 parter, but would last for half of the season. The villains would create the powers and send someone to destroy the rangers. The evil green ranger would be a kid that is truly evil and wants to destroy the rangers. After the rangers defeat him (not killing him), they give the green ranger powers to a friend, with gosei knight still being a major part of the team (the green ranger and gosei knight will share the role of the sixth ranger) will be a team of seven. At the end of the season, the rangers defeat the generals, and the evil kid gets new powers from the villains, and is defeated and sent to prison, but there is a cliffhanger as there is a massive invasion. The next season starts with the rangers recruiting all of the power ranger to fight the army of villains in a massive battle (American made with American specific rangers included) and sacrifice their powers. Alpha creates keys, and stores the powers inside of them. A month later, a smaller army appears in a different city and attacks. To battle these tough villains the rangers recruit Jason-red, Tommy-green, TJ-blue, Summer(RPM)-yellow, Dana(Lightspeed)-pink, and Eric(Time Force, who will show up later)-silver. As the pirate rangers (not sure if would stick with super megaforce) they will fight the new army, with the megaforce rangers staying in their hometown to protect from remenets of the villains from the past season

Carlos Z said...

It's sad, the more and more time that goes by and it gets closer to Super Megaforce, the more and more I get discouraged for the season and the "anniversary".

Saban is treating this series like garbage. They are half-assing the production of this show that was suppose to be great for old and new fans alike. I just don't understand all the cutting corners. Hate the idea that they are also not really bothering on inviting Disney actors because they are from the Disnye era and then short changing all the other actors they've invited. Plus they way they are treating the ones who do want to do service to the show (Blake Foster) its no wonder why some other alumni are declining to show up like David Yost and Walter Jones. They are probably seeing whats going on behind the scenes and might know more of whats going on than anyone else.

My biggest disappointment if things go down the way its planned would by far be the explanation of powers. I know I'm not alone in older fans where we look forward to explanation and continuity. Just look at forever red and other past team ups where we as fans are always looking for explanations and reasoning to where and how past rangers regain their powers. If they just decided to shoehorn in the returning powers then its just a big let down, especially if they get lazy and as in the picture that you have in the post, just have MMPR Green, MMPR White, Red Zeo, Red Turbo, and Dino Black just running around without the obvious Tommy situation.

Also, was really looking forward to seeing past actors which is looking more and more like a complete washout. It would have been really cool to see the past actors come back into the past teams when they showcase a certain season. I know its impossible to get every single actor who was a power ranger, but at least like in Gokaiger, at least one or two representatives of each team. What a great nostalgic feeling that would have been to at least see that one actor come back. It was always a joy to see team-up eps, forever red, always a ranger eps because its great to see past actors return. But whats being described is a little heartbreaking.

I gotta admit that I was looking forward to super megaforce, despite its shortcomings of actors, storyline, direction (and lets not go too much into the use of gokaiger suits as simply secondary suits instead of a stand along season) but still was wanting to see and experience the celebration of what was suppose to be this great power rangers anniversary. Now I dont know...

I hate to say it, but Saban was suppose to be the savior and put power rangers back. instead he's made it into a shell of it's former self thats just there to ruin what was already there and cash in. I dont know what happen to the originality of MMPR, the creativeness of Space or even Galaxy and making it original and worthwhile.

I really hope that things turn around and hopefully we as fans can be pleasantly surprised with how super megaforce turns out. I'll be rooting for the best. But at this point everything I hear and read, I kinda wish this incarnation of power rangers would end as bad as that makes me sound as a fan. I dont know how much of a voice you and fellow members have in the "power force" club, but if I were you all, I'd at least start making some noise... let your voices be heard, dont be scared of the repercussions or the possibility of being kicked out of the group. Speak up for our for us fans who dont have a voice. Maybe something will eventually click for maybe not this season but for future ones.

Lavender Ranger said...

And you think we haven't? (Power force) but the rep we talk to has said they are kept in the dark. Recently i haven't been getting answers from e-mails. Some of us PF members have discussed "standing up" but some are busy amd others dont wanna rock the boat. Two have even left.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I know this is not the place to ask, but I remember reading the post about "toei did not plan to include that many tribute episode" which you mentioned in this post. is it possible to direct me to that post (whether it is here, or other website etc)? thanks for helping...

Unknown said...

We have one actor from the Disney era on board. So either he's a PR fan and approached Saban about SM, or they are inviting actors from the more recent seasons. The limited budget is a shame. I guess Nick would rather fund it's crappy modern shows than a 20 year old one that began on another network.

ThatChick said...

I honestly don't want Jake and Gia to get together. He's practically stalking her, and it's the definition of forced romance. The only thing that defines Jake's character is that he's in love with Gia. That's it.

Lavender Ranger said...


Carlos Z said...

@ Lavender...

Man, what a shame. I should clear up things a little more and make it clear that you (Lavender) aren't saying anything, just wanted to make a general statement about it overall. But as you said, there are some others in the group that dont wanna "rock the boat" which is discouraging because they rather have the title of the Power Force group than actually trying to do something with it. And that's what I mean that some might be scared of the repercussions which is unfortunate.

It's also disappointing to know that you are all getting kept in the dark about things and as you said aren't even getting any response back through email anymore.

Again, I hope things change around... and while the second part of the megaforce season might not be as great as we all hope it would be, I at least hope it pleasantly surprises us in some ways and doesnt come off as bad.

Lastly, hopefully more of Power Force gets the time and chance to really stand up, and while not make immediate changes, hopefully at least get your voice heard even if its falling on deaf ears.

Lavender Ranger said...

@ Carlos Z, e-mail me. I am not mad but you are definitely not deaf so it be nice to talk about this topic but in private.

Cadiaco82 said...

Wow, so that's what happened to Super Sentai.

It's incredible that only one or two past power rangers actors have shown interest to participate in the show and not the others before or after (obviously excepting Jason Smith and others, curiously named Jason in real life.

The Power Rangers first red ranger "Jason" is lost? Well, there is a twitter account that i thought would be his. Maybe, as we all know or some of us know, he is a security personnel and is doing certain stuff like that. Or ask other members like David Yost and Walter Jones, or even JDF, they might know where he is.

Sincerely, if SuperMegaforce is gonna be so cut off, i wont be watching it. It should be an anniversary, not the cementery of Power Rangers (i have to be honest and say what i think).

marty said...

With unhappy fans like us not getting the things that we fans wanted, I think its time "We" the "power force" ask saban brands to cancel the show and let super megaforce as its final season and let it revive 20 or 30 years later with an adaptation of a future finished sentai series (it happened to doctor who once you know)

Anonymous said...

@lavender ranger
I know you and the power force are making things and you know a lot of things coming for supermegaforce that we don't even imagine. So when can we spect to read what power force has been helping with? If saban is listenning to your opinions? Also if power force need help for a campaign for saving and making supermegaforce the best expirience for all of us you could all make something on your blogs and website people powerforce get a skype meeting on weekend to do something all this news of actors that will not appear is making us hopeless power rangers need our help! as they help us grow up!!
#PowerForceNeverSurrender please your are the voice of the fans! So step up!

Jonathan said...

Those are all awesome things to hope for. I'm keeping an open mind for Super Megaforce, but I'm guessing Gokaiger will be the better viewed anniversary.

Tomos Burton said...

I'm not really a fan of the characters without human forms so I can't say I'll be too sad to see the back of Robo Knight.