Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lavender Ranger's Editioral: Pre-Zyu and Dairanger Theories in Super Megaforce

UPDATED 9/19/14 
Fellow Power Force member Eric Berry of Ranger Command Power Hour has an inspirational theory on the use of previously non-Power Rangers (Dairanger and any Sentai before Zyuranger) used in Super Megaforce. A while back in Dino Thunder, specifically episode "Bully for Ethan," Tommy had files with logos of pre-Zyu teams like Liveman, Changeman, Maskman, Goggle V, Flashman and After-Zyu like Dairanger. So one fan-theory can be that these teams are somehow canon in Power Rangers. Since Dairanger, Liveman and Flashman have been seen, these are excusable. So if they use any other team (like Jetman or Turboranger), then that defeats this theory. Above image I found on Deviantart but couldn't find who made it. But the logos are clearly from my website as I scanned them from a book that had blue background.
Now so far in Super Megaforce, we have seen...
Gia has become Yellow Mask of Maskman.

Emma has become Pink Flash of Flashman.
Green Flash of Flashman in "Power of Six"

 "Legendary Squadron"
Dairanger have been dubbed "Legendary Squadron." Four of them appear in "Earth Fights Back," Troy becomes Red in "Samurai Surprise," and all five appear in "The Perfect Storm." Orion becomes  "Mighty Morphin White Ranger" without any connection to the team mentioned. (In Japan, they were all the same team of Dairanger)

Turboranger has only appeared for a few seconds. They appeared briefly in "A Lion's Alliance" where the Rangers fall off the Anamarium and when the Rangers turn into Saban's Turbo (Carranger) in "Love is in the Air" and we see Jake hold the Turbo Black key. But I don't count them.

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My Questions
  • Was it planned ahead which Sentai would be used?
  • If it wasn't planned ahead of time, did they then planned to do the full team?
  • Do the producers refer them by their Sentai names and did they have to clear rights?
My Theories
One reason they could had used this teams was there was no budget to remove them and replace them with existing Power Rangers. One theory that can be that the Sentai was used wasn't planned, that scripts were re-written at last minute. I think what happened was that with whole thing of using the Megaforce (Goseiger) suits before transforming into Super Megaforce (Gokaiger) suits, ate up the budget. What they could have done was they lost the Megaforce powers and they became keys and just use the Super Megaforce powers so they didn't have to shoot new footage of Megaforce Rangers fighting X-Borgs or have the awkwardness of Robo Knight on Orion's Gold Armor chest. Also. you see the all-Green photo above? Even though only two were Power Rangers, given two were already used in SM like Dairanger and Flashman, I think this might be used. Episode Description of "Emperor Marvo" suggests Damaras will be defeated, the Japanese footage with that has the Gokaiger becoming Shurikenger/Green Samurai Ranger (NS), Green Flash, Midoranger, Denji Green, Shinken Green/Green Samurai Ranger and Shishiranger. Goranger and Denjiman suits are kind of old and strange looking but oh well, they have done stranger things. Or they could be replaced like Megaforce Red was replaced with Operation Overdrive Red in "Super Megaforce" episode.

  • Saban Brands shoots footage of Megaforce Rangers fighting X-Borgs and then change to Super Megaforce.
  • Saban Brands could have chose not to shoot this and shoot replacement footage of existing teams instead of Pre-Zyuranger and Dairanger teams.
  • They should have lost the Megaforce powers and they became keys and they wouldn't have to do the Megaforce to Super Megaforce
  • Toei originally said in Tokusatsu magazines in Japan that they were hired to film the Legacy War again for Power Rangers. With New Zealand footage of the "Legendary Battle" with alumni cast members, it can be assumed that this did that go through.
  • Most likely Saban Brands did not like the bill Toei gave them for the new footage so they opted to do it themselves. This is evident by so many missing Rangers in the Legendary War like Sixth Rangers (save for Green MM, Magna Defender, Titanium Ranger, White Dino and Gold Samurai).
  • Maybe the Legendary Battle ate up the budget, leading to having to use Pre-Zyu teams.


    Four Changeman (Change Dragon, Change Phoenix, Change Pegasus and Change Mermaid) appear in "Grass Always Greener or Bluer" and all called 'Dragon Squadron.'

    In "The Wrath," the five Rangers become Mighty Morphin Red, Blue Mask, Change Griffon, Green Flash and Five Yellow. So in the whole Super Megaforce series, they become Changeman, Flashman, Maskman, Fiveman, and Dairanger. This fulfills the theory except they didn't become Liveman nor Goggle V. The Megazord uses Great Powers of Jetman and Dynaman but they are not identified as such. One of the keys are briefly seen but only the back.


    Julian Do said...

    Well, first off, it has been known that Saban always wanted to put Dairanger in PR. Just didn't have the footage to do so. I think Dairanger was on purpose, especially when Dairanger prototype keys were made in the toyline.
    As for Flashman and Maskman...., in Power Of Six, it's American footage that Super Megaforce Green uses the Green Flash Ranger Key. So, they did plan on using them ahead of time, probably due to the budget. As for why those specific teams were there, instead of Jetman or Denjiman, I think they actually saw the photo and knew what teams they could use. I could be totally wrong though.

    Battra said...

    I like that fans are desperately trying to defend Saban's pure laziness by coming up with fan theories for the pre-Zyu stuff.

    Erica Link said...

    I really hope they don't go out of their way to leave any pre-Zyu rangers out. The thing I've always been looking forward to the most about this season is all of the names, back stories, and explanations that they would give to all of the "new" rangers. A good explanation would be that they are from different planets.