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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Love is in the Air - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:
Jake kicks a ball through the school window to a goal post, hitting Mr. Burley's head. In the main Armada ship, Vekar wants to do better, he assigns Levira to make a plan. Later, Jake kicks balls into trash cans while Noah takes video. Vekar's new butler spots Levira, who was his childhood crush. He makes a love potion, which makes her falls for the first he sees, which ends up being Jake--she was observing him. She sends the butler to capture Jake. X-Borgs attack, Noah tries helping Jake but the X-Borgs aren't that interested in him. Noah morphs and then Jake, the others arrive and then they go Super Mega mode. They go Mighty Morphin and Troy slashes the monster, who says he is a lover, not a fighter. Levira is mad. She says Jake is hunky and the monster hears this.

Monster is in the garbage and a woman (from the footage) talks to him. Later the others talk about the monster and why they want Jake (Emma says he is cute). The monster returns but is burning up and runs through the Rangers. Levira defends Jake, the monster thinks she used him and he turns up the heat and throws it at Levira and a ragdoll of Jake. The other four just watch. Noah thinks a human-alien triangle is gross. Damaras thinks it is a spell. Jake runs around from Levira as she fights the monster. Levira tells the Rangers to help so they morph into Megaforce. Argus thinks they should let this play out, Damaras says they have to take action, Argus says they can't without the Prince's approval (maybe foreshadowing?) So the Rangers go Super Mega and fight the monster. The monster does a fire attack.

The Rangers turn into Turbo (Carranger) and do an attack involving bicycles, unicycle, skates and a skateboard. Troy does the final attack and they go back to Super Mega. Levira runs back for Jake. Vekar makes the monster big. Jake tries to fix the problem by having the monster ask Levira on a date which he does. But then the monster attacks the Rangers and the they call the Megazord. They do the Turbo Spin Out but doesn't call it that and knock him out of the park, he lands inside the ship without being big anymore. Levira is over the spell. At the Brain Freeze, Jake is about to ask Gia on a date (by Emma's encouragement) BUT Noah interrupts with a viral video of Jake which somehow makes the Rangers including Troy cheer.

Episode Review:
Fans loved the last ep and not so much this one, complaining of its laziness and it being a filler episode and not resolving much of the Jake-Gia relationship. While some find it funny, some didn't like how the gang just stood and stared at Levira swing Jake around, also what Noah said about alien-human romance. I am not surprised they used the Carranger/Turbo sequence of Rangers on bike and unicycle. Fans liked that they didn't use the Sentai Turboranger and also hated that they didn't call the Turbo Megazord-inspired final attack as "Turbo Spinout." I am surprised they didn't use the backstory flashback scene of Levira and the butler in school clothes, I guess that was too weird for the Super Megaforce producers (even though they did use the unicycles and bicycles).

Another complaint is too much changing back and forth, from Megaforce to Super Mega which is just redundant. I think they could have made it funnier, by having Emma and Gia egg on Jake even more. Noah repeating that he was ignored was a bit dumb. Also, with all the new footage they did today, they could've done more in earlier episodes (to replace Pre-Zyu Sentai) or even in this ep by adding Silver!! Fans also complained where Silver was. As in the original episode, Silver was not present as it was BEFORE Silver made his debut. But they could've at least made an excuse for Orion like they used for Antonio on Samurai. Oh also, the scene of the woman talking to the 'dumped' monster was from the Japanese series, the woman was from the footage. Oh also, the Jake ragdoll was hilarious.

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Aww, my favorite Megaforce Ranger (at least personality-wise) is against interspecies romance? Personally, I think Vekar is hot. I have a thing for surreal pretty boys.