Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Ranger Key HUH??: TRU Legendary Morpher and Ranger Key Set

Couple months ago Razzle1337 found the Deluxe Legendary Morpher and Ranger Key Set in the Toys R Us server and it had a pic that it contained five MMPR keys, five Megaforce keys, five Samurai Keys and five Super Megaforce keys. But now Fury Diamond of RangerCrew Blog found this:
According to the press photo, the following keys are included.
  1.  Red Super Megaforce Ranger
  2. Red Ninja Storm Ranger
  3. Red Samurai Ranger (Jayden)
  4. Red Mighty Morphin Ranger
  5. Quantum Ranger
  6. Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger
  7. Yellow RPM Ranger
  8. Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger
  9. Green SPD Ranger
  10. Green Mystic Force Ranger
  11.  Green Lost Galaxy Ranger
  12. Blue Alien Ranger
  13. Blue Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
  14. Blue Wild Force Ranger
  15. Blue Operation Overdrive Ranger
  16. Silver Space Ranger
  17. Silver Super Megaforce Ranger
  18. Robo Knight
  19. Pink Turbo Ranger
  20. Pink Zeo Ranger
It looks like they are going one key per season (except for Red and Silver Super Megaforce) and staying by core colors such as Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and Pink or replacing Pink with Silver. Five keys (Yellow Dino, Quantum, Silver Space, Pink Turbo and Pink Zeo) pictured have never been released before, all appeared on display at the SDCC 2014 except for Yellow Dino (save for a poster), Quantum (save for poster), and Silver Space (he was in the treasure box of SDCC 2013). Robo Knight and Silver Ranger were only available with the Silver Spear and Silver Morpher respectively. The other 13 keys were available in multipacks. I would be like why I am wasting 70 or 80 dollars on 13 keys I'd already have from multipakcs. If I had to pick them, I'd pick:
  1. Red Super Megaforce Ranger
  2. Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)
  3. Quantum Ranger
  4. Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger
  5. Yellow Alien Ranger
  6. Yellow Operation Overdrive Ranger 
  7. Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm)
  8. Green RPM Ranger 
  9. Magna Defender
  10. Blue Mystic Force Ranger
  11. Shadow SPD Ranger
  12. Ninjor 
  13. White Jungle Fury Ranger
  14. Lunar Wolf Ranger
  15. Silver Space Ranger
  16. Silver Super Megaforce Ranger
  17. Robo Knight
  18. Pink Turbo Ranger
  19. Pink Zeo Ranger
  20. Pink Lightspeed Ranger

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