Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal - Act 6 Tuxedo Mask - Episode Review

Act 6 - Tuxedo Mask
Picking up from the last ep, Luna tells Sailor Moon the Moon Stick is important to defeating their enemies. In a flashback, Princess Serenity is being attacked by monsters and yells for the Crystal. Mamory wake up shirtless (but with no nipples) talking about it. Elsewhere, Usagi meets up with Ami and Mako. Usagi is waking up early because of bad dreams, of Prince Endiymon fighting monsters. She bumps into Mamoru, who offers to help her up. He tells her to be careful. Mako tells her that she is blushing. Ami recognizes the school he goes to. Mako likes that Usagi knows his name. Their attention is drawn to Tuxedo Mask asking for the crystal on TV, everyone talks about it.
 At the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite wants another chance but Zoisite offers to get energy and the crystal which Beryl wants. Nephrite aims for revenge on Mako. Meanwhile, Luna and the others talk at night at the Arcade. Luna suspects Tuxedo Mask to be an enemy. She tells them that the enemy has to be awaken. And that the crystal is dangerous, it can destroy a planet. The girls are scared of it. Luna says it is their fate. So they absorb the info that the Princess and Luna came from the Moon. Luna says they will understand once they are fully awaken. Usagi looks at the Sailor V game, suddenly she sees she has the Moon Stick and Sailor V speaks to her, telling her she can do it. Usagi is shocked but the game returned to normal.
The girls ask her whats wrong, she asks if Sailor V is a guardian too, Mako suspects she might be an ally, Rei wonders if she is a regular girl. Meanwhile, Zoisite disguised as a female reporter, hypnotizes the populace to go crazy looking for the Crystal. Usagi returns home finding her mom looking for the crystal frantically. Luna thinks it is Tuxedo Mask. Luna talks the girls inside her secret base inside the Arcade, which impresses the others. Luna says she is making research, she finds the source of the evil energy at the TV station. Usagi gets in an argument about Tuxedo Mask and runs out. Usagi thinks back to when TM saved her. Meanwhile, the female reporter talks about how foolish humans are and takes their energy. Luna and the three girls confront her.
He changes back to Zoisite who Luna recognizes. The girls transform. Meanwhile Usagi feels faint and Tuxedo catches her from fainting. He admits he was rash, she asks if he did it. He tells her to trust him. He says he really wants the crystal, he doesn't have special abilities. She gets up and picks up her bag. She says she is the leader of the team but she is powerless, she can't protect what she has to protect, that she has to be stronger. She sees the lightning from far off. The Senshi fight Zoisite with their attacks. Jupiter demands the energy back. Zoisite blasts all three down. The three Senshi are pinned down. Queen Beryl comes down from a portal. They say they are no match for Beryl. Luna wonders where Usagi is. Usagi says she must help but she can't change in front of Tuxedo Mask. He tells her to transform. She is shocked he knew. He tells her only she can save them. She says she is usless without Luna and has no special attacks. He hugs her.
TM says that her power is her smile, that helped the others come out of their shells to be Senshi. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. Beryl threatens her. Moon says she may be a crybaby but she wants to save her friends. Her wand glows. TM says to do it now. Usagi remembers Sailor V saying to do it. She blasts Zoisite with her Moon Healing attack. Beryl grabs Zoisite and retreats, saying she will pay for this. Moon floats around, spreading dust around the city curing the citizens. She faints in Tuxedo's arms, he thanks her and kisses her. His watch falls on her. She says she feels energized by his warmth and that it feels familiar. We see Sailor V and Artemis. Moon dreams of Prince. She wakes up in Mamoru's apartment and the watch is broken, it tells the phases of the moon. Mamoru greats her, she realizes he is Tuxedo Mask.
 This one was pretty good. I know I have been ragging on Crystal, but it finally got to the point it is different from the other incarnations. Sure, Beryl met them in the Manga and live-action version by this point but how everyone discovers each other's identities is much different and quicker. I don't know how I feel about Mamoru taking Usagi to his apartment and sleeping over. Sure, he is in High School now but still... I also don't know how I feel about Zoisite disguising as a female newreporter. Also it's funny they didn't draw nipples on him when in the live-action version the actor was shirtless a couple times. I mean, this series is not only for kids anymore. It being available on the website and DVDs, the series has to be for young adults. Next episode will be called Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Mask, so no Sailor V yet!

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