Monday, September 22, 2014

(Spoilers) Rangers Super Megaforce become and do not

UPDATED 1/2/16
 Mighty Morphin
The Rangers become them in "Samurai Surprise" and "Love Is In the Air."
Alien Rangers
Gia becomes Black in "A Lion's Alliance" and all of them in "The Grass is Always Greener or Bluer."
Jake becomes Zeo Green in "Samurai Surprise" and all of them in "The Perfect Storm."
All of them in "Love is in the Air."

Lost Galaxy
Noah uses the blue key in "Blue Saber Saga," and they all become them in "Samurai Surprise" and "Silver Lining Part 1" 

 Wild Force
All of them in "A Lion's Alliance." Noah, Troy and Gia become them in "The Spirit of the Tiger." Noah becomes Red in "Super Megaforce."

Jungle Fury
All of them except Noah in "Blue Saber Saga" and all in "The Spirit of the Tiger." Emma becomes Red in "Super Megaforce."

They all become them in "Super Megaforce" and "Samurai Surprise." Blue key is used by Noah in "Blue Saber Saga."
They become them in "In The Driver's Seat" and "Power of Six" Emma became Black in "A Lion's Alliance."
Ninja Storm
They become them in "Super Megaforce." Noah uses the blue key in "Blue Saber Saga."

Dino Thunder
They all except Emma become them in "United as One." Noah becomes Black in "A Lion's Alliance."

Mystic Force
Gia becomes Red in "Super Megaforce." The five become them in "Super Megaforce. Noah uses the blue key in "Blue Saber Saga."

They became them in "Earth Fights Back," "Super Megaforce' and without Noah in "Blue Saber Saga."

Jake become Red OO in "Super Megaforce" and Troy in "Samurai Surprise". Emma became Pink Time Force in "Samurai Surprise". Troy becomes Red Space in "Legendary Battle." Gia becomes Yellow Space in "Samurai Surprise."

Orion's Legendary Modes
Orion became Gold Samurai Ranger in "Silver Lining Part 2." He became Mighty Morphin Green, Mighty Morphin White and Zeo Gold in "The Perfect Storm." He became the RPM Gold/Silver fusion in "Power of Six" and "In the Driver's Seat." He becomes White Dino Ranger in "United We Stand." In "All Hail Prince Vekar," he becomes Wolf Warrior and in "Legendary Battle," he becomes Silver Space Ranger. The only one he did twice was RPM.

  Miscellaneous New Powers
Using their terms, they became Yellow Supersonic (Five Yellow of Fiveman), Green and Pink Prism (Green Flash and Pink Flash of Flashman), Blue and Yellow Blitz (Blue Mask and Yellow Mask of Maskman). Gia becomes Yellow Blitz in "Samurai Surprise" and Yellow Super Sonic in "The Wrath." Noah becomes Blue Blitz in "The Wrath." Jake becomes Green Prism in "Power of Six" and Emma becomes Green Prism in "The Wrath."  Emma becomes Pink Prism in  in "Samurai Surprise."
 Dragon or Thunder
Changeman are referred to as Dragon (everyone but Jake) in "The Grass is Always Greener or Blue," and Jake becomes Change Griffon or Black Thunder in "The Wrath."
Legendary Squadron
The Rangers except for Troy became Dairanger in "Earth Fights Back," Troy becomes Red (Ryuuranger) in "Samurai Surprise," and all of them in "The Perfect Storm."
They became 91 Rangers (including 15 that were Dairanger and Pre-Zyuranger).

 Lightspeed Rescue
None of the Super Megaforce Rangers became Lightspeed Rescue. Noah became Blue in "Legendary Battle" - Extended Cut.
 Time Force
They didn't become Blue, Green, Red nor Yellow. Maybe Red, not sure. While Orion didn't become Quantum, he did use the key in Q-Rex.

 Operation Overdrive
None of the Rangers became Operation Overdrive except Jake and Troy became Red two different times.

 In Space
None of the Rangers became Black, Blue, and Pink Space Rangers.

 Other Sixth Rangers
Orion did not become  RPM Silver, RPM Gold, Lunar Wolf, Omega, Green Samurai Ranger, Robo Knight and Solaris Knight. But we did see the key of Robo Knight.

 Extra Heroes
None of the Rangers became Magna Defender, Shadow Ranger, Kat Ranger, Camile, Dai Shi, White Mystic Ranger, Sentinel Knight, and Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren). Orion became Magna Defender in Extended Edition of "Legendary Battle".

There are 34 Rangers they did not become, not including American-made Rangers like Titanium Ranger and Spirit Rangers.


Drunken Lemur said...

So it's official, this season sucks and is worse than Gokaiger. This is possibly the worst way they could have done an anniversary season. They literally used two Sentai teams but didn't even use a single Lightspeed rescue member even though they got two actors to return for the finale. Saban just did not care in the slightest.

Mateus Honrado said...

Also, it's Nick's fault too as they don't care about PR at all.