Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Super Megaforce: Sentai for Non-Sentai fans

Super Megaforce has used four Pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai series and Dairanger, I already covered Dairanger, but for Power Rangers fans that don't know anything about Super Sentai before Zyuranger, then check this out.
Changeman (1985)
Called "Dragon" in "The Grass is Always Greener or Bluer" and then called "Blitz" in "The Wrath." To defend the Earth against the Gozma, the Japanese military form the Earth Defense Force. Under the supervision of Commander Ibuki, the numerous gathered soldiers of the Earth Defense Force under a harsh training. There is Change Dragon (Red), Change Pegasus (Blue), Change Mermaid (White), Change Gryphon (Black), and Change Phoenix (Pink). There wouldn't be another 5-Ranger team without Yellow until Kyoryuger (2013)/Dino Charge (2015).
Flashman (1986)
5 babies were kidnapped and taken to different Flash planets (gaining super abilities) and returned to Earth to save it from the Mess. There was Red Flash, Green Flash, Blue Flash, Yellow Flash and Pink Flash. In Super Megaforce, Emma becomes Pink Flash and both Emma and Jake become Green Flash in different times. They are called Prism in Super Megaforce.

 Maskman (1987)
Underground Empire Tube was once peaceful but know turned evil thanks to Zeba. To stop them from evil, the scientist and martial arts sage Sugata recruits five young people that use "Aura Power." Gia becomes Yellow Mask in "Samurai Surprise" and Noah becomes Blue Mask in "The Wrath." Gia calls it "Blitz" but Noah calls it "Thunder."

Fiveman (1990)
In 1970, Doctor Hoshikawa was researching how to change the planet Sedon into a green lush world. The Zone Empire launched an assault on the planet, he and his wife were separated from their five kids. Arthur G6 took the kids back to Earth and raised them. 20 years later, the 5 are now teachers in the same school. The Zone Empire attack and they fight against it. Five Red has power of science, Five Blue has a P.E. symbol on his helmet, Five Pink has math ability, and Five Black has power of language. In Super Megaforce, Gia becomes Five Yellow in "The Wrath" and calls it "Super Sonic." She has the power of music.

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Erica Link said...

When they make Dino Charge, I hope Tommy gets to be one of the rangers, probably silver since it's a Brachiosaurus.

I also really hope GoBuster will be made into a season of Power Rangers. I heard one guy at a convention say it would be on during the same year as Dino Charge but on a different channel, but I also read some comments on a YouTube video that said its Americanization was just an Abril Fools joke. I really want there to be a season of Power Rangers based on GoBuster because they would be the first spy-themed Power Rangers, they would look really cool with their leather suits and sunglasses, and it could be a sequel to RPM (so possibly, it could air on ABC).

Gustavo Henrique said...

Changeman already aired here in Brazil in the 80s, dubbed in our language. It is well known, but not so much for fans of Power Rangers. I even went discover that Super Sentai has been shown to shortly.