Friday, November 7, 2014

3 New Ranger Key Packs have been spotted

UPDATED 11/7/14
DaHoneyBooBoo has spotted the Super Megaforce Pack C, Mighty Morphin Pack C and D in Los Angeles K-Mart. So these packs will be available at K-Mart and Toys R Us and hopefully shall also be at Target and Wal-Mart as they are under the old item number. I am not happy with the arrangement but what else are we to expect from Bandai? We could had have instead of Packs B, C, and D just have B with Green, Pink and Armored Red and C with White, Yellow and Armored Black. But oh well.

Pictures thanks to Cegaranger of Instagram
 38310 - Mighty Morphin Pack C
Real pack is Pink, Translucent Green and Translucent Blue

38311 - Mighty Morphin Pack D
The real pack is Translucent White, Yellow and Translucent Red 

38312 - Super Megaforce Pack C

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