Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ranger Key Props in Power Rangers

As  I have said before, there was two different sets of Ranger Keys. They created doubles of 8 teams that are large props (for TV purposes) they used for the first season--Megaforce. They are still seen from far away in Season two. In Season two, close ups were smaller Ranger Keys--which were the same as Gokaiger Ranger Key props.  So because they used only 8 teams twice, one on one side of Gosei's Command Center and then on the other, that is why they are out of order. Like I mentioned before, all the teams are based R-B-Y-G-P replacing Green with Black.

Ranger Key Props in Megaforce (First Season)
Zeo and Mighty Morphin Keys with Jason David Frank

Mystic Force (with incorrect shade of blue) and Lightspeed Keys taken from My Morphin Life show

 Mighty Morphin Keys 
Operation Overdrive and Time Force

Time Force

Left: Time Force Prop in First Season; Center: Time Yellow (Timeranger) Ranger Key Prop from Gokaiger, and Right: Yellow Time Force Ranger Prop in First Season; The first season props had colored necks and black belts and not the thing with the nails or springs. All Yellow Props from Megaforce command center had skirts.

Ranger Keys close ups in Super Megaforce
Mystic Force (with correct shade of blue and yellow has no skirt)

Blue keys: Samurai, Mystic Force, Ninja Storm, Megaforce and Lost Galaxy

Mighty Morphin

Dino Thunder

Time Force

George Hansen (@Siriulianranger) says that the 'stone keys' are actually wet paper towels and resin, commonly used in film.Here you can see the colored feet under it, the left one being green and the right being red.

 But here it is blue Jungle Fury and RPM Red, which is a strange place to put the Robo Knight key. Robo Knight would be next to the Megaforce keys from "Blue Saber Saga" or between Megaforce and Samurai.

Ranger Key Props in Hands in New Zealand
Noah with Blue Mystic Force Ranger Key

 Silver Super Megaforce Ranger with Wolf Warrior Key (you can tell it is New Zealand because his collar is silver when it is suppose to be gold).

Now, here are Ranger Keys of Super Sentai used in footage that we did not see the Rangers become:
Midoranger key spotted in "Grass is Always Greener or Bluer." Denji Red key has also been spotted in "The Wrath" in the Megazord.


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