Sunday, November 2, 2014

Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Vrak is Back Part 2 - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Vrak's second monster is ready. Vrak and Robo Knight at the quarry. Gia throws a rock at it to no avail, Emma is sent to use Gosei Ultimate to destroy it. The others morph and fight Robo Knight. Troy stops the others from blasting Robo Knight, saying to not give up on their friend and he gets blasted in the back. Troy tries reasoning with Robo Knight when he goes Ultra. The others go Ultra Mode and fight the other monster.

Somehow Robo Knight and Troy are at a warehouse and continue their fight. Troy is blown out of Ultra Mode after Robo Knight is knocked into the warehouse. Pink attacks the monster, who couldn't dent the drill after it attacks the other threes. The monster calls Vrak and Vrak makes him giant and it attacks the city. The Rangers summon Utimate Megazord and fight the monster. Robo Knight pushes a car towards Troy but he jumps on it. It crashes and he falls. The monster becomes a drill and attacks the Megazord. The Megazord falls. RK de-morphs Troy and the Megazord destroys the monster.

Troy rushes towards Robo Knight and tackles him. Troy kicks Robo Knight, he tries reasoning with him. The other Rangers arrive. Troy tells them he has it. Robo Knight punches Troy down but he continues, saying he has good inside of him. Basically the Rangers yell at Troy to quit while he gets pummeled by Robo Knight. Troy pumps up and starts glowing and punches Robo Knight back and he powers down, his visor turning red again. All of them come to Robo Knight's aid, he says his good again but damaged badly. The Rangers it him up. Noah says Gosei can fix him. There is a blast and the five go outside and the third drill lands to the ground.

Robo Knight gets up and says he must do one thing alone and disappears. Gosei tells the Rangers to bring RK but when thye look, he's gone. They report to the Command Center that Orion and RK are gone and Vrak has three drills out there. Robo Knight's key glows. Back at Vrak's base, Vrak is met by Robo Knight who puts his laser to him. Vrak blasts RK back. He says it will be his grave, he destroys his own base and everything falls. Orion is still sleeping, RK grabs him and he rushes out as the place blows up. Robo Knight's key shuts down, stops glowing, the Rangers are all sad. Troy says it is Vrak's fault, Vrak returns to the quarry. Gia says let's end this for RK.

The Sea Drill is active, Vrak activates the second and third drills. The Rangers arrive. They will enter the Earth's core and the Eclipse will usher in darkness. The Rangers morph. They form the Megaforce Blaster but Vrak makes an explosion. They jump out in Ultra Mode and do the Ultra Strike, which Vrak absorbs. Vrak forms his wings and blasts at the Rangers, destroying his shield. They are knocked down. The Eclipse begins. They try the blaster once again and Vrak blasts at it, the two blasts battling each other. The Rangers 'give it their all' and their power pushes towards him with their blasters. They are knocked back as a huge fire ensues. The Rangers get up and Vrak is still alive. 

Troy runs towards Vrak and fights him. The Rangers speechify. The Rangers tap into the eclipse and use their Sky Strike Attack and slashes at Vrak, breaking his sword and destroying him in a huge explosion. Troy de-morphs as the sunlight returns, the drills disappear. The Rangers return to the beach where they lost Robo Knight and they spot Orion's unconscious body. They wake him up. Back at the COmmand Center, Orion has a blanket and a hot drink. He said Robo Knight saved him, transferring his life force, he carries his energy. Troy looks at his key. Gosei calls Robo Knight a true warrior, he says he is proud of them.

Episode Review:
James Bates wrote this, he wrote for Megaforce but not Super Megaforce, he said he wanted to give Robo Knight a noble ending. But he was not aware what will (Spoiler Alert!) happen to Robo Knight in Legendary Battle: He pops up with no explanation to help fight. Anyway it was a good ep, wrapping up Vrak and Robo Knight and the loose ends of Megaforce. But having warched bits of future episodes, I wished certan things were also taken care of, like explanations to why the Megaforce zords are later forgotten, they could've just said they were destroyed. The bromance between Troy and Robo Knight was cute, I was expecting him to say "I can't quit you." So next week Vrak is completely forgotten and we continue with the Gokaiger footage...

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