Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 9 Serenity - Princess

Episode Summary:
Mamoru had been hit by an attack by Kunzite. He finds himself in a fog and sees Princess Serenity with no face, she calls him Tuxedo Mask and her face appears. She changes to Sailor Moon. He asks why she is crying, he realizes this happened to him long ago. She calls him Endiymon, he realizes his past self, that he was reborn. In real time, he calls her Serenity. She cries and yells. Her tiara smashes, Venus' symbol changes to her tiara and Usagi becomes Princess Serenity. The time locket floats and the time goes backwards. She says her memories are returning.
She was in love with the prince of Earth, he came to see her a lot. It was a forbidden love called "God's Law." Earth people with swords and spears wanted to take the crystal, Endiymion stood in the way and Beryl slashed at him. In real time, Usagi cried, saying they finally found each other, that it is cruel destiny. Her tear makes a bright crystal. Mercury's visor goes on and she analyzes it. Because of the light, flowers grow. Queen Metalia says she feels energized. Beryl is happy it is out. A bit of light goes from the crystal inside of Mamoru. The light stops.
A portal opens and Queen Beryl orders Kunzite to get the crystal. The Guardians float in front of Serenity to protect them. Jupiter and Mercury attack, making everything foggy. Kunzite gets fire on him by Mars. Beryl throws evil energy at them, they scream. Usagi checks and Mamoru is gone, he is Kunzite's arms.The Guardians are too busy fighting off Beryl to save him. Jupiter and Mars hold Usagi back. Kunzite and Beryl leave. Usagi cries on a pillow in the command center, Venus asks if she remembers the past and says she is the real leader of the Guardians. Usagi nods. Rei asks to clarify that Minako is not the reincarnation of the princess. Artemis apologizes for lying but they had to protect Usagi.

Artemis tells them that they all protected Princess Serenity and Earth soldiers invaded the Moon Kingdom. The Guardians see their past lives. Endymion tried settle the war but was killed 'by an ally.' Rei realizes Mamoru was Endymion. Metallic destroyed the kingdom and she was sealed. Venus believes Beryl broke the seal. Usagi wants to know where Beryl took Mamoru. Venus tells her to calm down, she calls her princess, Usagi says she is Usagi. Usagi holds the crystal, she can't believe her tear broke the seal. Venus says it was her love for Mamoru. Usagi faints. Later at the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite hasn't found the crystal on Mamoru even though they saw the light go in him. Beryl leaves Kunzite and he is joined by the other kingdmen.

They mention how he seems familiar to them. Kunzite doesn't want to admit he remembers him. Usagi abruptly wakes up to a nightmare of Beryl tearing Mamoru apart. At the central command, Luna has her eyes closed and thinking how she didn't trust Usagi and made her go through hardships, she's ashamed to look at her. Artemis tells her to go see Usagi. The girls say they want to see Usagi smile again. Artemis nods to Luna, she does the same. The girls go to Usagi's mom and carefully go to her room, seeing her hair has grown very long. They help cut it and style it. Minako says Usagi's body is changing to how it was in her past life as Princess Serenity.

The crystal is on a napkin. Usagi feels like she is losing her identity. She remembers Mamory and freaks out again. Ami says Usagi is strong and she made them smile. Usagi says she's not a princess. Rei says she doesn't have to take the same path as the princess, that she was born as herself for a reason, that they are all prepared to fight. Usagi cries, they all hug. She thanks them all but she doesn't know what to do. Luna says they all must go to the moon, to find out mysteries like where Dark Kingdom is. They all turn and look at the moon. Usagi thinks to Serenity and Endiymon kissing. Usagi says she won't be the tragic princess again, that they will go to the moon.

No comment. Just kidding, when it comes to Sailor Moon, I must comment. I don't know, I've seen it twice and it finally is taking its own direction. It's beautifully done, not perfect but it's good. Maybe more comments later.

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