Tuesday, January 20, 2015

DTAKEOVR's Ranger Key Customs

UPDATED 1/31/15
https://twitter.com/DTAKEOVR has done me the favor of making custom Ranger Keys for me. He does custom Ranger Keys for himself and they were great.
I ask for my own custom Lavender Super Megaforce Ranger, a couple years ago I made a comic for it. I give him some extra keys and he painted them.
I gave him a Red Samurai Ranger Key and wanted a Lauren key as it looks like we won't be getting a real one. He made it female.
Gokai Christmas exists in Gokaiger but did not exist in Power Rangers. I gave him a Red Ranger key and he made it half green and red, as the Christmas Ranger. Other people who saw this key thought it would be cool if it said Merry Christmas in the morpher, no it doesn't. The Morpher does say that but he doesn't change the key grooves, nor I do know how to do it.
 I only had a few keys to make custom. I ask for at least two Dairanger / Legendary Squadron.

 Flashman / Prism

 Five Yellow / Supersonic
Change Dragon / Blitz/Dragon
If you would like your own custom Ranger Keys from DTAKEOVR, contact him on Twitter. Ask him about the price. I won't be pricing the price here on my blog. It would help if the key you give him is the same color or same season.
 In late January, I asked him to do another batch: keys to complete the team like RPM, Samurai, SPD, Mystic Force, Lightspeed, Operation Overdrive, Lost Galaxy and Time Force. So far I only have the new Mystic Force and Zeo new packs. I am missing RPM, SPD, Alien, Turbo, Lost Galaxy and Ninja Storm new key packs, so I can only complete my Mystic Force and Lightspeed teams. I need to get Wild Force and Megaforce keys done.

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