Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ranger Key App Updated

UPDATED 1/23/15 10:30 PM EST
The Android Ranger Key App has been updated. I checked on my nephew's iPad but its not available to update. It now includes Titanium Ranger (the drawing of the key, before it scanned and left a blank spot or a repeat of another key) and now includes Blue Senturion, Magna Defender, Titanium Ranger, Wolf Warrior and White Mystic Ranger. I can't hack into it and get the images but I took a picture.
Here are the barcodes thanks to Elephant on Rangerboard:
Blue Senturion:
Magna Defender:

Wolf Warrior:
White Mystic:
wolfinator11 of Rangerboard says some keys that might not scan are Space Blue, Yellow, Pink, Silver, Lost Galaxy Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Megaforce Blue and Black.
Razzle1337 posted these:

Fury Diamond uploaded these:


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