Saturday, February 16, 2019

A Gold Roxy?

Everyone was happy about Roxy (Escape) getting her own toy but perplexed as to why she had a green-yellowish color. In some new footage in a Habsro promo at NY Toy Fair, it is revealed she is indeed a goldish yellow. Since Hasbro had to re create the suits, they probably decided to change her from purple to gold. It is probably to go along with the Red Ranger/Blaze comparison. 

Someone commented on her having rabbit designs but Escape always had them.

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menLOVEmen said...

Do you think they're giving her "good" colours because th'ay gonna make her like Koragg and she's gonna defect to the good guys right at the end or get an Astronema treatment and go good, then bad, then good again?