Sunday, February 3, 2019

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Reaching the Nexus - Episode Review

Mick takes Odius to the base. The gang split up. Hayley is worried about Calvin. Preston tells Redbot to get out of the base with the super steel. Odius blasts in. Mick is sent after the super steel. Redbot malfunctions. Badonna teleports people to the ship. Hayley and Sarah see Calvin is part of the group. Hayley and Sarah mixes in the groups. They hide from Basherbots. The other boys sneak through the junkyard. Mick makes a new star for Odisu and takes the Nexus. They attack the boys and leave. Redbot reboots. They hear from Sarah, they tell them they are on the ship. Redbot tells them about the satellites.

Sarah and Hayley sneak behind Cosmo and Victor and Monty leave the stage. Cosmo tells them to juggle explosive balls. The girls find the satllite room and Sarah fights the bots and Hayley enters. The clowns leave the stage as the grunts leave. The boys find Odius turning the nexus prism evil. She has Mick throw the star in the prism. It is a Nexus Super Star, they remember the one Dane took from the prism. Levi says it can be even more powerful. Dane is hypnotized and wants to destroy them with a sword. 

He fights his sons. His sons try to hold him down but fail. Preston try to hold him back. Odius watches. Preston calls Hayley, she found the dishes but is stopped by Calvin. Calvin has a sword. She is about to fall down and he threatens her. She blasts the signal with her blaster. Calvin saves Hayley. The spell wears off. Dane returns to normal. He is distruaght. Mick's spell wears off and runs to the boys. The super star gets in Odius' hands. They blast her and fail. She blinds them. Calvin and Hayley make up. She loves him for being honest. He apologizes too. They go. Sarah is beat up. Citizens come to help her. They throw the bots down the trash chutes. The duo reunite with Sarah. Hayley convinces Vic and Monty to teleport the humans back home. 

The Rangers reunite as Odius glows red. She knocks them all back. Dane and Mick leave. Odius has gained a large form. The Rangers morph. She blasts them. The Rangers run off. Back on the ship, Vic and Monty teleport the rest of the humans. Badonna and Cosmo berate the duo. The duo throw the balls on them and teleport away. The ship is sent away from the explosion. The Rangers combine the power of the Power Stars into their own Nexus Star and powers them up. They fight Odius. She is knocked down. They put their blades together and blast at her. Their blasts cancel out and The Rangers race towards her. They grunt and push their energy on her. They fly out and strike her. Red does his final attack. She explodes. The Rangers are tired. Vic and Monty are given a trophy at school for helping the people escap. Vic is happy to have his 50th trophy. The Power Stars return to the nexus prism. The Rangers say goodbye to the prism. They thank it and it leaves. They say goodbye to Mick and Redbot. They all hug. Mick says he's not leaving. He says he loves teaching shop. They do have to clean the base and they have exams. Mick says they are still a team.

Withe all the complaints fans have, it wasn't a bad season. It was sometimes boring or sometimes Anvilious with its morals and lessons. It had its good moments when Brody and Levi reunited. This cast was great. I did like the girl power in this ep and the Calvin and Hayley stuff. Where the season is stronger is at continuity and not repeating itself, which it does in spades. Sometimes things are hit and miss, they can't all be Dino Charge nor RPM nor In Space. etc. 

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Señor Y said...

A very disappointing finale. Even Ninninger's finale (perhaps the worst Sentai I've ever seen) had a sense of epic. Powered up Odius was still a pushover, she was defeated too easily