Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Two Episodes of KRDK not to be broadcast on CW4Kids

From co-executive producer, director and writer Steve Wang's Facebook:
Well, It's official. According to Adness Entertainment, As of Dec 26th, KRDK will be canceled by CW for kids due to low ratings I am told. Because January is when they air new shows, they will not be airing the last 2 episodes of KRDK. I have no confirmation whether they will post the last 2 episodes on their website or not. But I am sure someone will. As for my feelings about this? well, it's long and complicated as I have a little more insight about some of the behind the scenes, but at this point, I don't think it really matters what I think. The reality is that the cancellation is confirmed.

That's not to say it won't pop up on a different network in the future.
I also have no news about a new KR series, but again because of this situation, I don't think we will be involved with it anyway. And no news of a DVD release either. I was told in order to release it on DVD, it had to have good ratings or no one will want to distribute it. As of my last conversation with Adness, they said potential distributors were waiting to see the results of the ratings. So thanks to all of you that have stuck with and supported Dragon Knight. It was much appreciated! It's been a fun ride and I hope some people were able to get some enjoyment out of it.

Lavender Ranger's comment:
I just think it is ridiculous and pathetic that CW4Kids can't just air two more episodes. And they ran that Ninja Turtles special like a bunch of times.

They are available online now


Simone said...

What!!!!! That is so not fair!!! It's only two more episodes. Why can't they just air them?

Anonymous said...

well cw has the habit of just stopping a series midway. all i can say is shame shame

psowill said...

IYou know they ought to put dragonknight on Cartoon network. It worked with Yugioh 5d's. Serious this is just a crappy movie. Atleast finish it. You think with the (shudders) popularity of twilight they try Kiva for the Us. *sign* well here's hopping by some small miracle Nick or someone picks it up.

Mark said...

4Kids is just aweful. They've been milking Sonic X for all its worth and it's been over for years, but whenever they, miraculously, create a good show such as the almost gag-dub-like English version of Tokyo Mew Mew, they end it.

Anonymous said...

Good thing about all this is at least I already watched the season finale KRDK in spanish version..!!

.....and so stupid not airing the last episodes of KRDK..!! c'mon just because Low Ratings...!! at least wait to finish the season..!!

Anonymous said...

This is so dumb why can't they show the last 2 episodes
it's just 2 episodes for god's sake
it would have been better if they actually had put it on cartoon network maybe this would have never happened

Anonymous said...

That's just ridiculous - there's only 2 episodes left! And one of them's the 2nd half of a two part episode! Seriously not happy about this..

Black Snow said...

But the Ninja Turtles special was incredibly awesome in so many ways. (By the way, they only ran it twice: once as a full movie and a second time chopped up into three pieces.)

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight kinda sucks. Hey, I wanted it to be good. I've hoped for it to be good week in and week out but KRDK is flat out a bad TV show with poorly conceived ideas. Yeah, they should just air the final two episodes but at the end of the day this is still a mercy killing.