Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Poll Results: Most Forgettable Ranger?

Most Forgettable Ranger?
I thought about this, because there was 'favorite Ranger' so I was thinking, which Rangers do fans just don't remember that well, not the least popular, because that would be the most annoying like Justin, Connor, etc.

Carlos [Turbo]
63 of 241

Chad [Lightspeed Rescue]
43 of 241

Alyssa [Wild Force]
22 votes

Ronnie [Operation Overdrive]
21 of 241

Hunter [Ninja Storm]
20 of 241

Katie [Time Force]
20 votes, it was 10 votes just a few days ago

Kai [Lost Galaxy]
19 of 241

Will [Operation Overdrive]
17 votes

Damon [Lost Galaxy]
16 of 241

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