Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tomica Hero: Rescue Aqua

For those that don't know, there is this series independent from Toei, and will have a third series starting in March. This reminds me of Gransezar, which had 3 series and then ended. We'll see what happens after this one. This one is to center around the Japanese Coast Guard.

Tomica Hero: Rescue Aqua

Wave Team
Masaki Kimura A-1/Aqua-1
Kobayashi Tōdō A-2/Aqua-2
Storm Team
Makino Hanamoto S-1/Storm-1
Chika Kamiya S-2/Storm-2

トミカヒーロー レスキューアクアー
雅紀 木村 - A-1 / Aqua-1
小林 藤堂 - A-2 / Aqua-2
牧野 花本 - S-1 / Storm-1
チカ 神谷 - S-2 / Storm-2

The series is to start out March 19, 2010.
Lots of fans are making jokes and I am like... I think it is a cool idea, they sure do have a lot to expand on with the series of rescues to do this. I always like things aquatically related, so I am agree to see how this works. Sorry, no pics as of yet.

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Shonen King said...

This is actually cool news. The effects and CG in this series are very impressive and their theme songs are cool too. Hey, there's always room for one more tokusatsu program. I still remember the lame early 90's when the Sentai series was the only tv series worth watching. The whole Winspector, Solbrain, Exceedraft thing killed me. Especially when you were used to the fast paced Uchu Keiji series. Oh yeah don't forget Metalder.