Friday, February 26, 2010

Goseiger New Headers -- Sea and Land

Indigo MantaHeader (Manta Ray--top), Teal NokogiriHeader (Nokogiri is Sawfish--center) and Cyan HammerHeader (Hammerhead Shark--bottom). The heads can be swapped out for GoseiShark's. Nokogiri's saw can spin.

The black KuwagaHeader (Stag Beetle--top), TyrannoHeader (Tyrannosaurus--center), and SaiHeader (drilling Rhino--bottom), that can be swapped with either GoseiSnake and GoseiTiger. StagHeader (black) belongs to GoseiSnake, as does Tyranno (orange in color).

Seaick GoseiGreat

Landick Gosei Great


Landick Brothers Set

Seaick Brothers Set

Mascot Robo Data Sypher:


Sean Akizuki said...

Where did you get these photos? Good job!

Mugen said...

The Sawfish and Hammerhead Headers remind me of the very same Animals from Gaoranger ( along the Shark Header, we have all thre Sharks that were used in the show )

The SaiHeader looks like Digmon from the Digimon Franchise.

Anonymous said...

are those new dragon heads the sky tribe headers

flamemario12 said...

I wonder what happen if sea and land combine....

Oh wait,there already a picture on it.