Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 - Happy Birthday Zack - Ep Review

"Happy Birthday Zack"

This episode, along with "A Pressing Engagement," "Foul Play in the Sky," "Madame Woe," and "No Clowning Around" came in an Interactive CD-ROM back in 1994. I used to have it and wish I didn't give it away. I could have used the .mov files. I gave it to a second cousin in a foreign country and he probably already got rid of it. Anyhoo, I loved this episode back when, because Zack was my favorite Ranger.

I like the new factoid of Skull, but they didn't pause it long enough to read it. It says Weapons is his Whiny Laugh and Zords is Mega Bootlicker. I am glad they got his name right: Eugene "Skull" Skulovitch. Wonder where they got the name? Old Saban files or the internet? Maybe our site?

In this episode, instead of Bulk getting covered with cake or goo, it is Ernie and Billy. No 'new' episode next week, actually "No Clowing Around" doesn't air until the last week of March. "Green with Evil" saga starts in April.

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