Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Little Pony Customs as Power Rangers

My Little Pony customs are common for My Little Pony fans, it has happened for years. Now, Hasbro has come up with a cool blank My Little Pony toy for fans to customize. I looked but there are no Power Ranger customs. Some pictures here on this Batman Blog.

I did this in a program, not physically. Maybe if I did it physically, I would do the belts. I drew the belts and they didn't look good. So I decided to leave them like this. I colored the eyes by the Dino Zord eyes and the hair was just me color-coordinating. I originally had the Blue Ranger's hair Red but thought it was too much like the Red Ranger so I went with Cyan. I had the White Ranger's eyes blue but then went with purple, I didn't go with red--the color of the Tigerzord's eyes because almost all the Dinozord's (Triceratops, Sabertooth, Dragonzord, etc.) eyes are red! The Mammoth's eyes are black, so I gave the Black Ranger red eyes. I gave the Pink Ranger green eyes because her helmet has green eyes and white hair to go with how her helmet goes. I gave the Green Ranger pink hair because pink is the complementary color of green, it might look effeminate but it is a Little Pony! I combined two of my favorite things!

UPDATE 2/27/10 11PM EST
I went crazy and did some Shinkenger ones and Geki Violet too.

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Anonymous said...

Lol, great job. I wouldn't mind a Little Shinken Pony toy.