Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poll Results: Who Would Win? Round #4

Kase vs. Miho
Kase was sent by Xaviax through a portal to Japan, where she fought against what she thought was someone who stole her Advent deck. Miho was a fierce warrior but Kase won 83 out of 129. Miho was left on the ground left to die.

Koragg vs. Wolzard
Kai's father beats up Nick's father, 99 out of 146 votes. Koragg was sent by the Master to fight against his equal and magically sent to fight Wolzard, who had no mercy.

MMPR Season 1 vs. PGSM
You guys voted that 143 out of 163 that the first MMPR crew would beat up the butts of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon team. I highly disagree with this. The six lethal ladies would be able to lay waste to the six amateurs. Come on, Jason, Zack, Billy and Tommy wouldn't be able to concentrate with those long legs and short skirts. Kimberly would pound Tommy to dust for staring and Trini would feel bad for fighting a cat (Sailor Luna--not pictured).

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