Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Dream Cast - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reboot

UPDATED 8/26/14
In 2014, Saban Brands announced there will be a reboot movie in 2016. Then Brennan Mejia who I chose for Red was chosen for Power Rangers Dino Charge as Red Ranger!!!

A reboot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is not official, we don't know if it will happen. But I think it's fun to think about it who to cast for a film. Now, let's hypothesize that this hypothetical film would have the original characters (Jason, Kim, Billy, Zack and Trini) just played by other actors. Like a re-imagining much like Star Trek, Transformers and Nightmare on Elm Street got. Now, I have not attempted this dream casting before because I didn't think there would be any young actors that would fit the bill. I try picking people that are kinda known but not super popular like the High School Musical Crowd. Feel free to add your picks for actors on the comments, but please don't insult anybody.

Emma Roberts
"Kimberly" / Pink Ranger
Emma is best known for "Unfabulous" and Aquamarine and for being Eric Roberts' daughter. She looks a bit like Amy Jo Johnson but not completely. I think she could handle being a valley girl gymnast.
I put 'kimberly' in quotations because if they really make a reboot film, it could be a new character, a character like Kimberly or Kimberly character.

Brennan Mejia
"Jason" / Red Ranger
Brennan is still up and coming, doing bit parts in "iCarly" and being in a New Moon spoof. Yes, I know what you guys are thinking, he doesn't look like Austin St. John as he is Mexican-American, but he is really good at martial arts. And I am not picking him because he is Hispanic and I am Hispanic. -- Maybe to add some more ethnicity to the group.

Tequan Richmond
"Zack" / Black Ranger
Tequan is best known as the younger brother in "Everybody Hates Chris." I think Tequan would be the right choice for Zack. He is a good dancer and a charmer. Now, it can be hypothesized that whoever does a remake might choose not to have the Yellow ranger be Asian and the Black ranger be African-American, but if they do use the original characters then they would have to, I suppose.

Jenna Ushkowitz
"Trini" / Yellow Ranger
It was hard to find a young Asian actress that was not Brenda Song. Jenna is best known now as Tina on "Glee." Jenna is a little older than the other actors I picked. The original show had actors that were in their twenties. Jenna is 23 years old, not that old. Thuy Trang was 20 when she played Trini. If they make the Yellow Ranger African-American and kept the other character traits for Red, Blue and Pink, then I think fans wouldn't be pleased. A 'jason,' 'kimberly,' 'billy,' 'aisha,' and 'adam' thing would be interesting.

Joseph Cross
"Billy" / Blue Ranger
Joseph Cross is best known for Running with Scissors and other movies. I thought it was hard to find a Trini but it was hard to find a Billy! Joseph has done more films than the other actors I picked, but out of all the actors who mostly play geeks, nerds, etc., he seems to fit the bill the most. I added the glasses to the picture, even if they do make a remake of Billy and choose not to use glasses.

Steve Belford
"Tommy" / Green Ranger
Steve is a Canadian actor, best known for Degrassi: TNG. I know many people have another ideal to who Tommy should be or how he should look like. And that the actor has to have a background in Martial Arts. The actor I picked doesn't have a Martial Arts background, but I think he has the look and can play dark.


Mark said...

If they were going for star power they'd probably pick Brenda Song to be Trini. Plus, both Power Rangers and Song are properties of Disney! Everyone wins!

Lavender Ranger said...

Well, if you wanna go all Disney...
Trini - Brenda Song
Jason - David Henrie (Wizards)
Zack - that black guy from Sonny with a Chance
Kimberly - Any of the Disney starlets
Billy - that Hanna Montana brother

T.K. said...

I'd be more interested if you cast MMPR: The Next Generation with actors playing new characters that are the children (or are otherwise related to) the original six. Obviously, you'd start with a young man raised by Kimberly as a single parent, only to learn halfway through the series (or film or whatever) that his father is Tommy. (Yes, it's cliche, but it feels good.)

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea:
jason-daren kagasoff
zack-tequan richmond
billy-james maslow
trini-malese jow
kim-rachel fox
tommy-ryan ochoa
now THAT is more suitable for a remake.

Anonymous said...

Nice. If they're gonna do a Power Rangers film reboot, the main cast should be unknowns.

Anonymous said...

i think it would be awesome if micheal bay made this into a bad ass dark action movie, i could imagine it myself. new cast and no disney, just the world being under attack and 6 teens are chosen to wear super suits and fight the attackers whatever they may be. (hopefully classic characters with a new look. and i hope the power rangers get a new look too. cuz i think it would be more popular if it was R rated

Christian Martin said...

Red Ranger= shia labeouf
played in transformer,Indiana Jones

Blue Ranger= Branden T Jackson
played in Lighting Theif, Tropic Thunder

Pink Ranger= Hayden panettiere
played in ice princess, Heroes

Black Ranger= Robert Hoffman
played in Step up 2, aleins in the attic

Yellow Ranger= Briana Evigan
played in Step up 2,Sorority Row

Now the Green Ranger would come in the second movie and the white ranger would come in the third one and i think they should have five total movies

Green Ranger/White Ranger= Zac Efron
played in Charlie St. Cloud, 17 again.