Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rita Repulsa Figure a Possibility

This was posted over on Bandai's facebook:
"MMPR (toyline) needs to do well and it's a very strong possibility."

And a fan got this response from
Bandai America appreciates your interest in the 2010 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

A Rita Repulsa figure was not released for the Spring 2010 release of figures but there will also be a Fall 2010 assortment of figures so we will keep the requests for this figure in mind.

Stay posted to the Products or Bandai News sections of during the course of the year for any possible updates.

Thank you,
Customer Service
Bandai America

This was recently posted on Bandai's facebook on April 15:
Facebook fans–I just read this week's Customer Service Reports. Great job pressing for a Rita figure! Keep 'em coming :D

The writer of Bandai America is one person, most likely a guy and he is also a Power Rangers fan, not sure of his name or how he was hired:
Bandai American Facebook

Please ask for more Rita or Scorpina (I am still hoping too!): Contact Support

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