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Unused Monsters from Super Sentai on Power Rangers #2 -- Disney Era

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Suggested by Brian Dean, I compiled monsters that were in Super Sentai but not used for Power Rangers. I do not know the real reason why any of these were used. Next I will be doing monsters that appeared on the show but only in background and got no closeup. And then the ones that were kitch-bashed together and then the ones from Beetleborgs. Lordy!

Hurricanger / Ninja Storm
The only monster to not appear at all in Ninja Storm, except for his repaint as 'Shimazu's zord.'

Hizaaru (Movie)

Chubozu (Hurri vs Gao)

JaniIga (Abare vs. Hurri)

Abaranger/Dino Thunder
Rouge Rafflesia

Garuvuidei (Movie)

[Not Pictured]
Ginjifuan Kazak (Deka vs. Abare)

[Not Pictured]
Trinoid #0: Saunaginnan (Deka vs. Abare)

[Not Pictured]
Heavy Industrial Machine PalletteView (Deka vs. Abare)

Dekaranger / SPD
Raja's face was used for a SPD cadet but not all together.


[Not Pictured]
Devil Capture 5 -- the big robots had no names in PRSPD except for 3.
Night Chaser
Night Chaser 2
Cannon Gladiator 4
Cannon Gladiator 3
Hunter Jet 2
Magaria 2Killer Tank (Movie)
Zeen (Movie)
Brandel (Movie)
Winsky (Movie)
Volgar (Movie)

Magiranger/Mystic Force

OgreKirikage the Ninja
Gaston the Thief
Mold -- the mold did appear on Manticore Megazord but we didn't see the ball with the eye.
Glum (Movie)
Sword of Glum

Babon (Magi vs Deka)
Biljik (Magi vs Deka)

Boukenger / Operation Overdrive
Quester Robo Radial
Quester Robo Cannon (Movie)
Hydegene/Stingross (Movie)
Chronos (Bouken vs. SS)

Gekiranger/Jungle Fury
Pretty much all the monsters were used. The Rinshi from episode 38 who dressed up as a Knight and was defeated.
Hong Kong Media King Yang (Movie)
Voluptuous Secretary Miranda
Pachacamac (Geki vs Bouken)
Hippo-Fist User Baakaa (Geki vs Bouken)

Go-Onger / RPM

This was the one Power Ranger series by Disney that had the most unused monsters, most of them because they weren't robots.
Bin Banki / Mahobin Banki
Prince Nigorl zo Arelunbra
I think he was not used because he is looks less like a robot and has a different ascetic (look) than the others. The bot that looked like a knight in "Not So Simple" (21 of RPM) was connected to this prince, but his footage was pretty much short.
Engine Banki
Maybe because he is too garish is why he has not been used.
Shower Banki
Definitely was not be used because there are shower valves on her chest that resemble nipples. She appeared in Go-onger episode 38, Yellow and Silver fought her, the plot point inspired the RPM episode 22 "Dome Dolls."
Yatai Banki
Most likely wasn't be used, he is way too out of the spectrum of the Attack Bots used.
There were a couple of 'organic' monsters in Go-Onger that came from other dimensions and don't match at all with the RPM Attack Bots.

Gokugokumaru and Rairaiken
Repaints of a Go-Onger movie monsters.
Appeared in Episode 31, he was the reason the girls united with the villianess Kegaleshia to form G-3 Princess. He wasn't used for obvious reasons.
Maki (Movie)

Gokumaru & Raiken

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Gibken said...

To me, I wish that Rouge Rafflesia could have been used for Nikki Valentina's monster form(That's right! Nikki's return!) and Raja would be used in what I wish could have been an SPD Episode: Mutiny! In that episode, Broodwing would have revealed his true colors to Gruumm when he attacks him on his ship! But the Gruumm he "killed" was a Bluehead in disguise! Broodwing escapes and Gruumm sends that very monster to hunt that traitir down! And had there have been a Jungle Fury/Operation Overdrive crossover, Miratrix would return and form an alliance with the Overlords for more power! Desperado would have been: "Power of the Vulture! Rinshi Beast Miratrix!" Casey in the Strike Rider would finish off the giant Miratrix for good!