Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Animals used for the Kamen Rider Monsters Part 4 (Amphibians and Reptiles)

After doing the Super Sentai monsters, I decided to do Kamen Rider and they do much more animals and insects! There is even more categories than Sentai. This time I am trying to do it categories of Insects, Aquatic Animals, Mammals, etc. Pictures of Agito, Kuuga, Blade, Kiva and other monsters will be added later.


No Pic: Grimreaper Chameleon (Kamen Rider), Vampire Chameleon (V3), ChameleKing (Super-1), Kikkaijin Chameleon (Stronger), and Gameleojin (Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!!). Not counting the Contract Monsters of Ryuki.
Chameleon Mutant (Black)

Chameleon Imagin (Den-O)

Chameleon Fangire (Kiva)

Frog Orphnoch (Faiz)

Frog Fangire (Kiva)

No Pics: Tokageron (Kamen Rider), Lizard Undead (Blade), Chainsaw Lizard (V3), Gynakamakil (Lizard-Mantis in Black RX) and Lizard Fangire (Kiva).
Lizard Mutant (Black)

Frilled Lizard Orphnoch (Faiz)


No Pic: Salamander Imagin (Den-O), Zanjioh (Skyrider)
Salamander Mutant (Black)

No Pics: Newt Imagin (Den-O) and Imoriges (Kamen Rider)
Gelnewt (Ryuki)

No Pics: Snake Man (V3), Machine Gun Snake (V3), Sea Snake Man (Kamen Rider), Snake Woman (Stronger), Snake Lord (Agito), Sea Snake Grongi (Kuuga), Snake Beastman (Amazon), Cobra Imagin (Den-O).
Anguis Masculus (Agito)

Snake Orphnoch (Faiz)

No Pic: Turtle Bazooka (V3), Kamestone (Kamen Rider), Utsubogames (half Moray Eal in KR), Tortoice Imagin (Den-O)
Rock Turtle Mutant (Black)

Go-Gamego-Re (Kuuga)

Testudo Oceanus (Agito)
Sea Turtle

Testudo Terrestris (Agito)
Gopher Turtle

No Pics: JawsWani (Super-1), Lizard Man (J)--called Lizard but was an Alligator, Kikkaijin Waniida (Stronger), Crocodile Beastman (Amazon)
Alligator Imagin (Den-O)

Crocodile Orphnoch (Faiz)

No Pic: Great Boss of Neo-Shocker (Skyrider)
Dragon Orphnoch (Faiz)

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Mugen said...

Is this just me or does the Chameleon Imagin resemble Mele in her Beast Man Form?