Friday, July 16, 2010

Super Sentai Villain Categories

Grouping the villain groups, which were robots, demons, space aliens, etc. Suggested by a pal. I might be wrong in some of the older ones.

Hundred Violent Demon Tribes (Turboranger)

Youkai Army Corp (Kakuranger)
Made into aliens in Power Rangers.

Saima Family (GoGoV)

Infreshia (Magiranger)
They were really from hades and inspired by horror movie monsters.

Ashu Clan/Questers (Boukenger)

Gedoushu (Shinkenger)
They were also youkai.

Gozma (Changeman)

Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess (Flashman)

Silver Imperial Army Zone

Bowzock (Carranger)

Balban (Gingaman)
Space alien pirates.

Londarz Family (Timeranger)
Criminal aliens and robots, made into 'mutants' in Power Rangers.

Jakanja (Hurricanger)

Alienizer (Dekaranger)
Criminal aliens.

Aliens based on insects.

Vader Clan (Denjiman)

Vyram (Jetman)

Nejirejia (Megaranger)
From another dimension, they were 'twisted.' Made into aliens in PR.

Evorian (Abaranger)
From a dimension that was split from ours during dino times.

MECHANICAL (3-technically)
The New Empire Gear (Bioman)

Baranoia Empire (Ohranger)

Gien and his mecha (Timeranger)

Gaiarc (Go-Onger)

Black Cross Army (Goranger)

Secret Society Egos
Crazy cult.

DeathDark (GoggleV)
Ancient civilization lived in shadows.

Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire
Humans evolved from Reptiles, underground.

Tube (Maskman)
Underground tribe.

Bandora's Gang (Zyuranger)
Didn't know where to put them. They lived on the Moon but were from Earth. Bandora was a witch and the monsters were created from clay. Her crew could have been aliens, unsure.

Gorma Tribe (Dairanger)
Tribe with chi powers.

Gordom Civilization (Boukenger)

Dark Shadow (Boukenger)

Akugata (Gekiranger)
Group with animal-based kung fu style wrapped with the undead.

Jaryuu Clan
Dragon/Lizard mutants, Ryuuwon used to be human.

Volt (Liveman)
I don't know what to call them because they were humans that became evil and had a space shuttle and their monsters were mixture of 'Chaos', the fiery remnants of life in wastelands, and brain core.

Black Magma (Sun Vulcan)
Humans that made monsters mixture of mechanical and organic.

Criminal Organization Crime (JAKQ)

I might be wrong in some of the older ones.


Ming said...

You should do Kamen Rider villain categories next.

Lavender Ranger said...

You should help me then

Mr. Smith said...

There's one that you're missing, humans. Rio and Mele are human.

Lavender Ranger said...

Rio and Mele is in the list. And technically Bandora, the Gorma and a bunch of others were humans.

Anonymous said...

crime is also under alien. after episode 23, they started usin aliens from outerspace and the real leader is revealed in 23 (i think), which is shine, an AI from space.

Anonymous said...

well,you did forget the orgs