Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Animals used for the Monsters Part 5

Never say Never, I said the 4th part was the lst one but low and behold, I found more. I will be doing the Kamen Rider monsters too, but that is until we are finished scanning and cropping them for the Kamen Rider Legacy sections. Updates in Yellow.


Dora Cockatrice (Zyuranger)
2 versions. Called a Chicken in PR.

Cockatrice (Magiranger)

Half Lion, Goat and a dragon tail?

RoboGoat (MMPR S2)
I am growing old and totally forgot this dude!

Dorou (Gekiranger)
Goat-inspired Capricorn

Chimera Org (Gaoranger)
Combo of the stolen Power Animals: Griaffe, Elephant and Bears.

Rouge Rafflesia (Abaranger)

No Pics: Kaigalar (Denjiman) and Dinosaur Shinka (Dynaman)
Dragon Grand (Boukenger)
Since it is based on V-Rex, it makes sense it looks like a dino.

Fukkatsu (Abaranger)

Dora Antios (Zyuranger)
Not sure about this one.

Garbage Jigen (Jetman)
Garbage and Ako's Teddy Bear

Chimera Org (Gaoranger)
Combo of the stolen Power Animals: Griaffe, Elephant and Bears.

Bankumatsushiyuruu (Abaranger)

Not counting Suugu of Gekiranger, same reason not counting Ron, Sanjo and other generals. Yes, I know Chimeras are usually lion/snakes, but Toei has their own twists.
DoraChimera (Zyuranger)

Chimera (GoGoV)

Chimera Org (Gaoranger)

Chimera (Magiranger)

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Mugen said...

A Chimera most often is depicted as Lion/Goat and either Dragon or Snake mix. Most often a Snake, I think.

Mark said...

What about Anko's teddy bear monster from Jetman?

Don East said...

You forgot Robogoat.

Mr. Nurgle said...

Dynaman had Dinosaur Shinka. There was also Kaigalar in Denziman who was dinosaur themed.

Kean said...

i thought in liveman there was a dino brought back from the past