Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Animals used for the Kamen Rider Monsters Part 3 (Aquatic Creatures, Snails and Slugs)

After doing the Super Sentai monsters, I decided to do Kamen Rider and they do much more animals and insects! There is even more categories than Sentai. This time I am trying to do it categories of Insects, Aquatic Animals, Mammals, etc. Pictures of Agito, Kuuga, Blade, Kiva and other monsters will be added later.

CRABS (10)
No Pic: Kanibubbler (Kamen Rider), Crab Laser (V3), Armor Crab (Hibiki), Ganikomoru (crab/bat in Kamen Rider), Crab Kikkaijin (Stronger), Crab Beastman (Amazon), and Kikkaijin Hasamigan (Stronger).
Crab Mutant (Black)

Crab Orphnoch (Faiz)

Crab Fangire (Kiva)

No Pic: Pickel Shark (V3), Shark Kikkaijin (Stronger), Hammerhead Undead (Blade)
Abysslasher (Ryuki)
My site partner Mike says I should include them because even though they became Abyss' Contract Monsters, they were actually more than that and in their series Ryuki, they were just run-of-the-mill monsters.

Abysshammer (Ryuki)

Shark Fangire (Kiva)

No Pic: Amikiri (Hibiki)-half longhorn beetle, Lickback (Black RX)
Lobster Orphnoch (Faiz)

No Pics: Squid Undead (Blade), Squid Fire (V3), Octopus Fangire (Kiva), Ōnyuudou (Hibiki), Tako Gang (Skyrider), and Elekibas (Super-1).
Squid Mutant (Black)

Mollipes Octipes (Agito)

Wiskraken (Ryuki)

Bakraken (Ryuki)

Octopus Orphnoch (Faiz)

Squid Orphnoch (Faiz)

No Pic: Snail Man (V3), Snail Imagin (Den-O), Beastman Katatsumuri (Amazon)
Snail Orphnoch (Faiz)

No Pic: Namekujin (Skyrider), Namekujira (Kamen Rider), Namekujikinoko (Kamen Rider--half Toadstool), Zu-Miuji-Gi (Sea Slug in Kuuga)
Slug Orphnoch (Faiz Movie)


No Pics: Kuragedarl (Kamen Rider), Kuragewolf (half jelly-fish and half wolf of Kamen Rider), Hammer Jellyfish (V3), Jellyfish Undead (Blade), and Jellyfish Kikkaijin (Stronger).
Brobajell (Ryuki)

Jelly Imagin (Den-O)

No Pics: Eidokugar (half moth in Kamen Rider), Shibirayjin (Skyrider), Kikkaijin Denkiei (Stronger), Stringray Lord (Agito)
Eiking (Kamen Rider)

Potamotrigon Cassis (Agito)
Manta Ray

No Pic: Isoginjaguar (half-Jaguar), Sea Anemone Beastman (Amazon)
Isoginchak (Kamen Rider)

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