Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greetings to HENSHIN GRID Users

HI I'm Henshin0 how are you?
Anyways, I'm a new co-composer (more like sub-composer) appointed by Lavender Ranger to help out with the web site. Your probably wondering, "what did that last sentence mean? it sounds weird." Well, basically, I have the ability to write posts, but Lavender is still the sole in charge of the whole site. I just want to let you know this, so you don't get confused by the fact that some posts would seem different than others. Anyways, I hope that I can live up to expectations of not only Lavender, but also you my beloved fellow bloggers.

Now that I stated the bulk of my statement/introduction, but to let you continue enjoying your favorite (or at least one of your favorite) blog(s). HAPPY BLOGGING!

(Edited by Lavender Ranger)


Pink_Power said...


henshin0 said...

Thanks I hope I do well. I already have a few topic ideas, but they require a lot of research, not to mention pics. At least I will eventually have my posts up for people to read, hopefully in positive response

LUKE said...

haha...I hope there will be something new with this blog after this ;D