Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sixth Ranger Weapons

Since Gokai Silver is coming soon and I am doing weapon polls right now, I decided one more poll wouldn't hurt.

Dragon Dagger
The first one, it is rather small but I think it was strong because it is musical. The tune is iconic now.

Saba the talking Saber
Sure, no one understood why it talked. Because in Dairanger, it had to speak for the ranger, since it was a boy and he was hiding his identity. Saba went silent somewhere in Season 3.

Golden Power Staff
This staff was much bigger than the last weapons and had two forms, as it opened up.

Silver Silverizer
What the heck is a Silvizer? It had an arm mount and it was a sword and gun.

Titanium Laser
Designed by Plex, the same people who designed Sentai toys and props, it was an axe and laser gun, it had a basic design and did match well with the other weapons.

Quantum Defender
It was a gun that became a sword and looked like a T-Rex. It has little red and black like the Quantum Ranger.

Lunar Cue
Long like a pool cue, it was a sword and had the wolf symbol. It has silver and navy like the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

Samurai Sword
It was meant to be a bat, microphone and sword, but the baseball bat aspect was removed in America in fear that kids would emulate attacking with baseball bats. It has a lot of gold and green like the Green Samurai Ranger.

Drago Sword
It was small, like the Dragon Dagger, this was a dagger too but also like a pen. It has white and black and gold like the Ranger.

Omega Morpher
Because Shadow Ranger already had his own morpher and sword, the 'real' sixth ranger Omega Ranger's only weapon was his morpher. I think it was Toei/Bandai's way to save money. Bandai America repainted Red Ranger's weapons and sold it off as Omega Ranger's but that didn't transfer into the show. It has little white.

Laser Lamp
He rubbed the lamp and the laser gun came out and shoot out lasers. It has gold and blue like Solaris Knight.

Drive Detector
It is like a metal detector, and it became a gun and Mercury Ranger fought with it like a sword. It has very little silver but has the other colors that are acents on Mercury Ranger.

Cloud Hatchet
Ranger Gold and Ranger Silver both had their own dagger and it had different attacks with the switches. These weapons had little silver or gold on it.

Don't know the name it will have, it has a sheath and it is a tanto sword that looks like a sardine. Smaller than the Dragon Dagger! This has less gold than the Ranger itself. I mean that it wasn't that gold. I didn't mean Gold Ranger wasn't 'gold enough'.


Anonymous said...

'less gold than the ranger itself' ? What? ShinkenGold is pretty gold in Shinkenger costume standards..

EZ8 said...

I always thought ShinkenGold wasn't 'gold' enough. He had too much blue IMHO. From the looks of the action figure, I think I will like the Gold Mega Ranger mode.

Lavender Ranger said...

Ez8, I don't like the black in his mega mode, I hope the actual suit is different