Monday, April 18, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai - Episode Review - Jayden's Challenge

Jii wonders if the burden for Jayden was too much. Jayden is out in the street at night and says what he didn't want to happen happened, he said 'if they only knew.' Meanwhile, Bulk and Spike go into their 'dojo' with 'Samurai' thing which look like sleeping gear. Bulk then goes to sleep, with Spike asking for a bedtime story. Spike snores loudly and dreams of fighting Moogers with Pink Ranger. Bulk covers with his face. In the morning, Mike says Breakfast is important but Kevin is working on combining the zords. Mike says he was working too much. Mia is worry about Jayden, Jii does a 'happy happy' act when Emily awakens, saying Jayden will be fine.

Xandred awakens to find out that Deker was helping the others. He angers and the furry soot things come out. Later, Mike tells Mia how he felt when his friends were hurt. Mia says imagine if the whole world's fate is in your hands. Deker is attacked by Moogers. Xandred personally fights Deker. Deker escapes, the other Nighlok is sent to get Jayden. Jayden has found himself on a beach and hears a little boy crying. The boy says he misses his dad, Jayden says he misses his dad too. He flashbacks to his father giving him advice. He gives him a piece of paper and makes an airplane. Spike is full of energy and Bulk is not feeling great.

Jayden fights Moogers and the Rangers contemplate getting involved. The Nighlok attacks the boy and Jayden takes the boy from danger and fights the Moogers. The Rangers arrive and fight the Moogers. Jayden watches them and flashbacks to his dad again. The Rangers transform and fight the Nighlok and the Moogers. They destroy his first life and fight giant him with the Megazord. Bulk has a neck brace and he and Spike see the battle. Kevin shows the gang his very detailed drawing in how to combine with the Battlewing. They combine together and destroy the monster. Then Jayden and Jii have a talk as he returns.

Even though it follows Shinkenger, it is not that bad. Jayden's journey felt a little rushed and not much of a journey. It is like he just had a walk around the park. The Bulk and Spike moments were entertaining as always. The drawings of the Megazords were great, they looked a bit like Bandai America illustrations that were colored. Ryuunosuke's drawing in the original episode was child-like, which I think is more realistic but I hope they keep continuity that Kevin is a good artist. I saw this episode online, I do not have Nicktoons.


henshin0 said...

aww but i made a review and almost finished it :(

EZ8 said...

Maybe I'm just being picky, but it feels to me like they got the Megazord names mixed up. Shouldn't the bird be the Battlewing and then when it combines, becomes the Samurai Battlewing Megazord, instead of the other way around?

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. Do you know what symbol they wrote to form the new megazord because I think it was different from Shinkenger?

henshin0 said...

It was different, but I don't know the symbol. I haven't studied Japanese in years

Revan said...

well, a nice episode.
Spike and mia (in spike's dream) just like a scene from bollywood movie, that hilarious after all. thanx for your reveiw

Ali Zeeshan said...

i like Power Rangers Samurai....

Power Rangers Samurai