Saturday, April 9, 2011

Guess the Ultra

Guess which 'Ultra' the picture it is. Some are easy, some are not. I might have repeated one again as a trick. Today is Saturday and I will posting answers on Tuesday and who got it right.

  1. Put the letter you are guessing and your guess. If there is a picture you can't guess, don't include it. I don't want to see: 'e. I don't know' or 'e. I think its...' Only put the ones you are absolutely sure about. And don't put 'OR,' only one guess per number/picture.
  2. If you commenting as Anonymous, please put some sort of nickname at the end of your message or the Anonymous will be disregarded and won't count. This is because I have to go on more than just 'Anonymous,' there are more than one.







Anonymous said...

1=ultraman great
2=ultraman gaia
3=ultraman nexus?
4=ultraman 80?
5=the original ultraman
6=ultraman tiga?

henshin0 said...

1-ultraman great
3-ultraman nexus
4-ultraman 80

Honestly, ultraman is my weaksuite. Much like how ando masahashi said "all White people look the same to me," I have a similar racial perception of ultraman. Kamen rider is my best suite