Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heronie Profile: Kujaku

Oh, Kujaku, how I love Kujaku. I don't know how to even explain who she is or what she did. Basically she is an immortal who worshiped a peacock Buddha (no kidding) and she had a vendetta with Gara, the villainess of Dairanger since they were kids. Basically, Gara got her face scarred when she was little and Kujaku dedicated her life to finding a special plant or something to cure her face, but once she was done with her training, Gara had become a Gorma and was ready for vendetta.

Kujaku gets herself trapped in a monster mirror of the Gorma and Daigo (Shishi Ranger) saves her in 1993, since then he fell in love with her. But she was busy fending off the vendetta of Gara and searching for the cure plant/tear thing. I wouldn't necessarily call her a hero, but maybe she was like a lone warrior. She did occasionally help the Dairanger, but mostly just fought Gara. In the end, Daigo and Kujaku found the tears but it was too late. Kujaku dies and becomes a heavenly demi-god. And near the end, Gara discovers she is just a clay copy when Kujaku comes down from Heaven with the real soul of the good Gara.

Funny thing is that Peacocks that we know are male, the big blue shiny ones are males and the females are small, brown and boring. But media continues to tie peacocks with females (think back to She-Ra and Peek-a-blue).


Luca said...

I love peacocks so much! I have a character with a peacock/nurse motif.

Anonymous said...

The same actress also played the villainess Kilika in Turboranger. She was probably one of the better performers in that series, although I never understood her origin story in that series (in one episode she's 18 and in another she's over 2000).