Thursday, April 14, 2011

Villainess and Heronie Singing Groups

Bijyocco 7
In Episode 30 of Hurricanger (2002), Furabijo pretended to defect from the Jakanja and she was roped in with Nanami to form a pop duo and sang a song. There was no real song released or any merchandise but I believe myself that this was a prototype for G3 Princess.

G3 Princess
In Go-Onger (2007), Saki (Go-On Yellow), Miu (Go-On Silver) and Kegaleshia came together in Episode 31 as a girl group to stop a monster that threatened both the Gaiarc and Go-Onger. They were lightly referred to in Episode 38 (with BearRV) and came back together in Episode 45. Dolls were actually released and also a single CD.

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