Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Metal Heroines Gallery

Rei Hayama

Reddle and Tentou

Ran Ayukawa and Mai Takatori

Mai Takatori (Second Reddle)

Ran Ayukawa and Yui Toba

Sara Misugi/Sarah of Blue Swat

SolJeanne from SolBrain

Women of Jiraiya


Maswartz said...

Beetleborgs! I may have missed it but could you do a comparison between the original and the BB versions?

Lavender Ranger said...

Big_Bad_Beetleborgs said...

Just some clarifications...

Ran Ayukawa and "Mai Takatori"

Ran Ayukawa and "Yui Toba"

Hmmm I realize I haven't seen these particular B-Fighter pictures before. Good find by the way (or good scan lol). Definitely gonna put these onto the Borgs/B-Fighter blog, and of course, credit goes to you :)