Saturday, April 16, 2011

Smart Girls, Shy Girls and More

Where do these other girls stack up? Somewhere in the middle, not really feminine or masculine, like I said, they aren't opposites.

Sara/ Yellow Flash - Smart, seen as cold

Kazumi/Five Pink - Brain

Chisato/Mega Yellow - kind-hearted

Urara/MagiBlue - she was feminine but shy too.

Kothoa/Shinken Yellow - sweet, clumsy, shy


Douglas said...

they should have a girl who's like Sailor Jupiter or Sailor Uranus since it'd be sweet to have a girl whos tough as nails but has a love or anything kawai and a girl who people repeatably thinks a guy and dresses like one except for in school.


im shock with urara's expression. ahaha... and what a sweet picture of kotoha. she likes a lonely person... how clever u r. ^^

Lavender Ranger said...

IQBAL ZARIN, yeah I liked it and thought it was appropriate picture for Kotoha. That pic and Urara's is from my Episode Guide.