Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Most Popular Super Sentai Heronies

You might disagree with the following. There probably others of earlier seasons, but I haven't watched them all, so not that familiar. You may suggest any before 2000.
Peggy of Goranger
The first female ranger, so yeah, she would be the most popular as she is the first. She won a poll I had of favorite pink ranger of that decade.

Diane of Battle Fever J
She was second-runner-up on my poll.

Momozono of Goggle Pink
Said to be popular in Japan, I think she had a Girls in Uniform figure.

Sarah of Flashman
She won my poll for favorite Yellow Senshi of that decade. She got a Girls in Uniform figurine.

Megumi of Liveman
Many fans say she was just a crybaby. She was vote most favorite of Blue Senshi of the 70's-80's. She got a Girls in Uniform figurine. She is the first female blue ranger so maybe that has something to do with it.

Remi of Fiveman
She is pretty notorious with fans for one episode where the bad guys made the water supply of Earth into alcohol and she got drunk and fought a villain with a drunk-style.

Ako of Jetman
I know she was pretty popular. When she started, she thought she'd get paid for being a Jetman. She was just a teenager and one of her childhood toys was turned into a monster.

Momo of Ohranger
I heard she was pretty popular, I know Ray--who started and used to own Rangercentral loved her.

Miku of Megaranger
I think she was most popular of the both, Chisato sure has her fan base but I think Miku's appeal is her cuteness, her giddiness and sometimes her selfishness. But she always made up for it.

Yuuri of Timeranger
I don't think she is very popular now, but I know back in 2000 when Timeranger aired, many fans were crazy about Yuuri, the hurt but tough as nails leader of Timeranger.

Jasmine of Dekaranger
I think Jasmine is more popular in US than Japan, I mean Umeko is more popular in Japan, but Jasmine was pretty alluring and tough that attracts fans. She is strong and is an ESPer.

Umeko of Dekaranger
So popular in Japan that the Japanese toy makers even made a chess piece of her in her bathtub with rubber duckies. And as for the Girls in Uniform figures, they made two--one of her in her uniform and one in a bathrobe and rubber ducky.

Natsuki of Boukenger
Very popular in both Japan and USA, she won us over with her cheery exterior and her heart. She was a light of sunshine in the cast, making them all smile and be fun.

Mele of Gekiranger
Not technically a heronie, more of a villainess, but fans still consider the first prototype to a female Green Ranger. The character was very popular in Japan and USA, she won us over with her charm. How she struggled to make Rio notice her.

Saki of Go-Onger
I thinks he was fairly popular in Japan, she was a fan favorite, other than American fans. I know Miu has a fan-base, including me, but not as much as Saki, probably because Saki was around longer and had a little bit more character development, as much as Go-Onger could give.

Mako of Shinkenger
Kotoha has her own fan base as well, but I think Mako beat her out. I think it was mostly because of the actress, because in Power Rangers Samurai, it is basically the same role but Mia isn't as popular as Mako. Mako won us over with her strength and that killer smile. She briefly fell for Ryunosuke when he seemed to be a lost cause, she longed to be a bride, but was a formidable fighter on her own and commanded a presence.

Luka Milfy of Gokaiger
So far, Luka seems to be the front runner for the most popular heronie. Ahim is cute and sweet, but I think Luka gots us with her exotic looks and love for money. She is also tough as nails and we love how she always bugs Don. So far US fans have paired up Luka with either Don or Marvelous.


Luca said...

Acutally, I pair Don and Marvelous with each other.

I blame Saban for the chain reaction that brought about Natsuki (and all following yellow rangers, who have all been female). There is nothing feminine about a bulldozer. They simply made yellow female to be consistent with America.

I tolerate yellow being female in Abaranger (because they're using the blue male triceratops as homage to Zyuranger, so all that's left for the girl to be is yellow since we need the 3 primary colors) and Dekaranger(because she's unique to begin with), but it seems like nowadays female is only blue if she has to do with the ocean. I say only make her yellow if she has to do with the desert.

Oh, and DekaPink has a rubber duck? Awesome! I collect rubber ducks!

BlueDolphin said...

You are sooo right about Mako being more popular than Mia...after alll, she beats Mia in all aspects...acting,fighting(unmorphed),looks( i am not saying Mia is ugly..she is average) And gosh how i love Natsuki...she is such a cutie pie!!! And who can forget my top most favorite....MEGUMI!!!! she is not a crybaby people (even though i did mention she did cry in the series...but she had her reasons)
Other favorites: Mele, Jasmine, Yuri, and the newest..Luka!!

Lavender Ranger said...

The bulldozer was Toei and Bandai Japan, I don't think it was simply to be consistent. The next post I'll do about it, Luca.


why you type "Diane of JAKQ" while she comes frome battle fever?? i think you make a mistake there... :)

Lavender Ranger said...

Because of humor error! I was babysitting and holding my nephew with one hand and talking to my mom in Spanish and juggling a bunch of other things at the same time. So yeah, it happens.

Anonymous said...

Oh I so Sweet....

ChrisX said...

I, and probably Fantasy Leader, would probably nominate Miki Momozono AKA Goggle Pink. Sure, she came real dead last in your polls, but that's presumably because your voters are... more onto the western side in which either Goggle V is unknown, or the disastrous airing schedule in Brazil damages people's opinion about Goggle V. FL did claim she still remained popular in Japan... and any Indonesians would still give her the props.

Great list. Though the previous poll was still heartrending for me.

Pink_Power said...

I paired Luka with Don and Ahim with Joe.Totally hot those two.

masorick said...

People voted for Diane!!!??
Have they seen Battle Fever J, or is it just because she's American? I suspect the latter.

Desmond Teo said...

Yuri is still popular today because shes a badass and beat the crap out of anything!

Alicia Montalvo said...

love ahim and umeko es bonita.

Alicia Montalvo said...

me encanta ahim y luka.