Friday, November 4, 2011

Poll Results: Red Gold Mode/Gils Dad/Collector Figures

 What do you think about Gokai Red Gold Mode in a special? 
Waste of Time
  48 (26%)
  15 (8%)
Kinda Cool
  80 (43%)
  84 (45%)

What do you think about Gils' Emperor father's look?
  102 (70%)
Don't Know
  43 (29%)
  4 (2%)

 Should Bandai do figures like the Masters of the Universe Classics?
  110 (70%)
  16 (10%)
What is MotU Classics?
  36 (23%)

 What figures would you like made for collectors of Power Rangers ala Masters of the Universe Classics?
 All Psycho Rangers
138 out of 1097 votes. No surprise there.

All MMPRtM Rangers

90 out of 1097 votes, they got 48 votes less than the Psycho Rangers.

White Mystic Ranger
78 of 1097 votes, she got 12 votes less than the Movie Rangers and 60 less than the Psycho Rangers, but the most than any other individual Ranger.

Kat Ranger 

74 out of 1097 votes, she got 4 less than White Mystic Ranger.

Dark Specter 
He got 73 of 1097, which is more than any out villain in the list, 1 vote less than Kat Ranger.

 Nova Ranger
She got 64 votes, 10 less than Kat Ranger.

Thrax got 61 votes out of 1097, that is 12 votes less than Dark Specter.

Psycho Red

He got 61 votes, 77 less than the Psycho Rangers all together.

Ivan Ooze
I know he already had a figure, but it would had been nice one that wasn't just three shades of purple and one that was more articulated and that came with his pipe. He got 59 votes.

King Mondo
He got 55 votes, 7 less than Thrax and 18 less than Dark Specter. He never had a reasonable figure.

They were American-made and never had their own figure, they got 53 votes, 20 less than Dark Specter, their leader.

Movie Zedd
48 votes.
Movie White

46 votes,
4 more than Red Movie Ranger, 2 less than Zedd and 13 less than Ivan.


Turbo grunts. 42 votes.

Movie Red 
42 votes.

Footsoldiers of Dino Thunder. 40 votes.

Movie Goldar
37 votes, 5 votes less than Movie Red, 9 less than White and 11 less than Zedd.

Footsoldiers of Lost Galaxy. 36 votes.

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