Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Singing and Music in Power Rangers

 UPDATED 11/4/11
Mostly the female Rangers have been interested in music in Power Rangers, sometimes for one episode, sometimes for the whole season.
"The Song of Guitardo"
Kimberly had a guitar that Zedd took and made into Guitardo and then later she played it. I remember her playing it before. This was in Season 2 of MMPR. Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly) had several bands after this and released an album.

"Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park"
Zack's cousin Curtis played their uncle's trumpet, which Zedd made into a monster (which was originally Tofu in Dairanger). 

  "The Sound of Dischordia"
In Season 3 of MMPR, Aisha and Katherine joined a song contest with a song of friendship. The two girls had no established singing ability before. Karan Ashley (Aisha) was part of a girl band before joining the show.

 "Song Sung Yellow"
Tanya was so good at singing, an agent was willing to make her star but she realized being a Ranger and staying with her friends was more important. Her singing ability was never mentioned after this or even before.

 "Another Song and Dance"
Tommy and Tanya sang opera in an ep.Ugh, JDF's infamous and at the same time forgotten singing.

 "The Song of Confusion"
In Turbo, Cassie met a new friend and made an all-girl band.

"Sing Song"
Wild Force, Merrick accompanied Shayla's singing with a flute to the Deer Zord.

 "Shimazu Returns Part 2"
In Ninja Storm, Shane sang in an episode.

Dino Thunder
Kira was always carrying around her guitar and was pursued by a agent once or twice. She performed in the last episode. I personally believe that Kira being into a guitar was a callback to Kimberly. Also, in the image above I can see all the colors Tommy was: White, green, Red and Black; even though one of those colors are orange.

 "A Ghost of a Chance"
In Jungle Fury, Theo sang "This Little Light of Mine" for a test in Spirit World.


henshin0 said...

you forgot tori in the two-part of ns where they get the mammoth zord

Anonymous said...

thio in jungle fury? forced to sing to pass his test...

henshin0 said...

@ant, I would have mentioned that, but the post is mostly about girls

Lavender Ranger said...

Being a boy is no prob. Ill put theo. Should also put zacks cousin playing the trumpet?

SoulStraw3 said...

Thank god you didn't mention that episode of Zeo where Tommy and Tanya were singing everything!

"Let's stop this criiiiimmmeee"

"It's Morphin' TTIIIIMMMMEE"

dianamagupayo said...

Amy Jo Johnson is not only an actress and a gymnast, she's also writing and singing songs in real life as well. Her songs include Puddle Of Grace, Goodbye, Dancing In Between, Purple Skies, Clear Blue Day, From Afar and others. Check her MySpace page at: Her next music performance will be on November 6, 2011 Sunday at The Free Times Cafe in Toronto, Canada with Michael Cram. Amy's got that sweet voice!

Douglas said...

what about that episode in Zeo where Tommy and Aisha were forced to sing opera?

order-devi said...

Shayla and Merrick also sang to the Deer Zord everyday in Wild Force

YoKozo said...

Does Princess Shayla's song count?

henshin0 said...

@douglas that was tanya, not aisha, and if we include males, then it should be mentioned that maura and kapri lip synced in that same episode that tori sang, in addition to the thunder bros doing rap. i'm sure there were several instances where at least one of the mystic force sisters sang (they spend their lives in a music store) phenius probably sang a few riversongs in his scenes. but tanya's song was cameoed in a later episde in addition to being a radio dj in turbo. and lastly tenaya whistled farmer in the dell

Adam Park said...

Tori didn't sing, she Danced in that episode. It was Shane.

Anonymous said...

just remember about timeforce movie madness episode. does that count?

Dessa said...

Samurai Yellow (I can never remember their names, since I don't catch it often) plays flute. It's come up at least twice that I've seen.

Douglas said...

@Henshin0, sorry been a while since i'd seen the episode so i wasn't sure if it was Tanya or Aisha. but i sure did enjoy that episode. i couldn't stop laughing as i watched it.

SuperTimmyboy32 said...

Kimberly and Katherine were forced to sing opera in mmpr when Machine empires casts a singing spell on them?