Friday, January 27, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai German Toy Catalog 2012

The UK (United Kingdom) Toy Fair 2012 occurred, not much pics from it, just this video on this site and here are pictures from the catalog.

They got the Sword Cycles, which we have seen in stores (I haven't heard of people spotting blue), the Spider Lantern Zord. They also have pictures of the Shark Zord and the Scorpion Zord. Scorpion Zord comes with Deker, apparently it combines with the Samurai Megazord.

It looks rather interesting but who knows if we will see it on the show. The Scorpion was not in Super Sentai.


 Tigerzord vehicle at left and Gigazord at right. Gigazord is all the zords combined, I don't know if it can be taken apart or not. I mean, if it is all the zords sold in one package or just the robot all together. These are not out in America yet.

 Both are these products are out in America already. The Water Bow and Mega Masks. Red, Blue and Gold.

Super Samurai figures. The three on the right, they have been out for sale in the US since December. On the left, Super Red Ranger, Super Green Ranger and Xandred are out in the US. Blue, Pink and Yellow are in Super Mega mode, I don't know when they will be out in the US. Lavender Ranger's guess is we might see these toys in May, the Summer or the Fall. The Pink and Yellow ones fans first saw on a Polish site. Super Mega Blue is the first I've seen.

Shogun Buckle and Bullzooka (everyone is excited about the bullzooka). The bullzooka can combine with the Mega Blade to become the Shogun Spear. The infamous Shogun Spear fans have been talking about. Given that the Mega Blade has been deemed by adults as dangerous, it is interesting the Mega Blade is still available in stores and having to get the Bullzooka to combine with the Shogun Spear will be more coveted by kids.

Here you can see the Black Box Morpher and Spin Sword combined with the Bullzooka.

Blue Shogun Ranger at the UK toy fair. (We are hoping Green will have it too).

 UPDATED 1/30/12

 Gold Shogun Mode

 Morphin Action Rangers (Gold, Blue, Red)

 Mega Super Mode (Yellow and Pink)

Gold Ranger Set

 Barcuda Blade

 Gold Ranger and Clawzord


Mr. Time Space Warp said...

The ScorpionZord is just a repaint of the Clawzord!

RedSamurai159 said...

I Love The Super Mega Mode. I Think It Looks Awesome, Samurai's Story May Not Be Greater Then Others But Hell, The New Designs Are Kick-ass. I Can't Believe Blue, Pink and Yellow Get a Super Mega Mode Figure Before Red And Green... Strange.