Monday, January 23, 2012

Power Rangers 30 Day Facebook Challenge Message

Having a good Monday, Henshin Grid readers? I hope so! If not, here's an activity that might brighten your day. I'm going to be posting the Power Rangers 30 Day Facebook Challenge on here on Henshin Grid to keep you guys entertained and to spark discussion and debate all in the name of being a fan! Here is the complete list that I'll be using:

 Day 1- Your favorite Power Rangers Series

 Day 2- Your favorite Ranger color

Day 3- Your favorite villain

Day 4- Your favorite Theme Song

Day 5- A love interest you’ve had with any of the rangers or characters

Day 6- Your favorite Morpher

Day 7- Your favorite individual Ranger weapon

Day 8- What “Power Ranger” items do you own in real life?

Day 9- The easiest Villian to defeat

Day 10- The hardest Villian to defeat

Day 11- Who was your favorite sixth ranger?

Day 12- Your favorite Megazord or Megazord combination

Day 13- A Ranger/Character you would want to cosplay? Or have cosplayed?

Day 14- Your favorite individual Ranger Zord

Day 15- A scene in one of the Seasons that made you misty

Day 16- A character you could relate to the most

Day 17- Something in “Power Rangers” that you want to exist in real life

Day 18- Your favorite actor/actress in Power Rangers

Day 19- Least favorite “Power Rangers” Season

Day 20- Your favorite Monster

Day 21- If you could create your own season based on a Sentai season not done by Saban, which Sentai would you use?

Day 22- Something you want to change in continuity

Day 23- 6 Ranger team of 1 color

Day 24- Favorite Morphing call

Day 25- Your favorite mentor

Day 26- Your least favorite mentor

Day 27- Your favorite Morphing Sequence

Day 28- Favorite Suit/Helmet design

Day 29- Your Dream reunion team of 6 for 20th Anniversay

Day 30- Your thoughts/hopes for Power Rangers 2013
I greatly encourage you to do this on your personal Facebook accounts as well! Use each day as a status and tell a little bit about it. I also hope that everyone has already 'liked' Saban's Official Power Rangers Facebook page:!/powerrangers

Myself, Pat Domonia:!/profile.php?id=100001995444071
And my group which I would really, really love for everyone to join!!!!/groups/128659180539190/


TimboPassion said...

on Day 15- what do you mean by "misty" ? just so i know when i get to it

retrofan said...

Which scene made you tear up.