Friday, January 27, 2012

Power Rangers 30 Day Facebook Challenge

"Who is your favorite villain?"
My favorite villain is Trakeena, the main antagonist of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Played by Amy Miller, Trakeena started out as a slinky, treacherous, daddy's girl who liked to sabotage her father's generals for fun.. and Power! Midway through the season, Trakeena underwent an enormous change in character, becoming a crazed warrior queen fueled by revenge. For the finale, she underwent one final change in character. At this point she's become nothing less than a bloodthirsty maniac, destroying everything in her way. I loved every second of it. Trakeena was brilliant in the finale. She'd turned into a tragic character, killing every last one of her generals and minions. Like I've said before, very epic finale and season as a whole. Overall, she's not someone you'd ever want to mess with in the Power Rangers Universe. My second favorite villain, or villainess I should say, is Tenaya of Power Rangers RPM. Awesome storyline and very B.A. character. My third favorite(s) are Marah and Kapri of Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Many fans have mixed feelings about the duo, but I'm definitely not afraid to say that I loved them and found them hilarious. Their ditsiness and shenanigans had me laughing every episode.

Honorable mentions: Villamax of Lost Galaxy, Venjix of RPM, and Mesogog of Power Rangers DinoThunder.

So who is YOUR favorite villain?! Comment below and also feel free to conduct the Power Rangers 30 Day Challenge with your Facebook statuses!!! And add me, Pat Domonia, as a contact on:!/profile.php?id=100001995444071


DaiRed1987 said...

Choosing a foavorite villain from Power Rangers is evry difficult just unlike Super Sentai, the villians aren sinsiter or necessarily evil, but more comicla and kid friendly. With that said I choose Trakeena and Astromena as my favprite villians. Trakeena was such a dynamic charcter as she first started off as a pampered, weak, fragile, defenesless princess, but as the season grew on, she becane a great fighter, leader, and towards the end a diabolical, pyschotic queen.

Astromena was also a dynamic character, but I always goot the sense that there was some type of good in here and the revelation that she was Andros' sister made the storylin more emotional, especially when she came over to the side of good. Though she did get reprogammed, it was good to see her turn good again and even went on to became a power ranger in her own right in Lost Galaxy

lionel_B said...

Personally, my favorite bad guy (and who is bad to the end) is Zeltrax of DinoThunder (the only villain of the season I would have liked to see be nice in the end they all become good unless he ( white ranger does not count of course): '().

But there are also Elgar (turbo in space), Lothor, Zurgane (ninjastorm), Imperious (mystical power), Crunch and Shifter (RPM). But all that, they are bad I would have liked to see.

After, there are the bad guys become nice, my favorite of all is Diabolico (Lightspeed Rescue), and then there Toxica and Jindrax (Wild Force), the band and Rita Z (MMPR, because I think everyone who was living in "in Space" became friendly at the end), Tenaya (RPM), Daron (Jungle Fury), Marah and Kapri (Ninja Storm).

RedSamurai159 said...

Ransik, Nadira,Frax, Rito, Tenaya 7, Zeltrax, Jindrax, The 3 Main Villains From Overdrive, And of Course The Psycho Rangers.

Antondavis32 said...

I also agree that Diobalico was my all time fav villain him and Ecliptor from In space oh and the psycho rangers plus Ransik

Josh said...

Gotta go with Lord Zedd for number 1. Then the Psycho Rangers and finally Rita Repulsa. (AHHH, after 10,000 years i'm free! It's time to conquer Earth! : )