Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Power Rangers 30 Day Facebook Challenge Day 2

"What is your favorite Ranger color or designation?"
Here are your basic options: Red, Yellow, Black/Green, Pink/White, Blue, Sixth Ranger colors, and 'Other' Ranger colors like Orange (ex. S.P.D. Kat Ranger), Navy (ex. Ninja Storm Navy Thunder Ranger), etc. Well I choose Yellow. Yellow has been my favorite for most of my time as a fan of Power Rangers (a long time). I honestly think the source of my fondness for it comes from the androgynous vibe that descends from many Yellow Rangers, especially the ones that were male in Japan. As a child that really intrigued me for some reason. Being able to be feminine and masculine at the same time without being too feminine like most Pink Rangers. On top of that, I'm a very androgynous person myself. I chose the name 'Pat' to make my gender undistinguishable as an Internet blogger and to this day no one knows my true gender, sexuality, or identity for that matter. Anyway, back on topic, my favorite Yellow Rangers are:

5. Katie, Yellow Time Force Power Ranger
4. Kelsey, Yellow Lightspeed Rescue Power Ranger
3. Tanya,Yellow Zeo Power Ranger
2.Summer, Yellow RPM Power Ranger
1. Trini, Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Ranger
What is YOUR favorite Ranger color or designation?! Comment below and be sure to to the Power Rangers 30 Day Facebook Challenge as your Facebook statuses!!! Add me, Pat Domonia as a contact at:!/profile.php?id=100001995444071


Pat Domonia said...

FYI: Yes I know the picture doesn't match the five Rangers I selected on my list. The photo's just a showcase of 5 random Yellow Rangers.

DaiRed1987 said...

My favorite ranger color is of course RED!! Not only is red my favorite color but most of the red rangers were pretty cool. My favorite red rangers are:
5)Shane, Red Wind Ranger
4)Tommy, Red Zeo Ranger
3)Andros, Red Space Ranger
2)Wes, Red Time Ranger
1)Jason, Red Ranger
Honorable Mention: TJ, Red Turbo Ranger and Jack, S.P.D Red Ranger. Had to include these two cause they were the only two black red rangers in Power Rangers history

lionel_B said...

My favorite color is blue, my favorite blue ranger are :

5.Madison, mystic force
4.Blake (Navy Thunder Ninja Ranger), Ninja Storm
3.TJ, In space
2.Justin, Turbo
1.Chad, Lightspeed Rescure

RedSamurai159 said...

Ranger Color, Red.

5, Red Alien Ranger
4, Red Turbo Ranger
3, Red MMPR
2, Red Time Force
1, Red Operation Overdrive

Rama van der said...

5) Wes, Red Time Ranger
4) Andros, Red Space Ranger
3) Leo, Red Galaxy Ranger
2) Tommy, Red Zeo Ranger V
1) Jason, Red Ranger

My favorite has always been the Red Ranger. Jason embodies the ultimate Red Ranger, because he was the original. Nothing can beat that in my opinion. Coming a close second is Tommy, because he did it in his own way. Third would be Leo. Hasn't seen so much central episodes about one person before (e.g. losing Mike, losing his confidence and getting Mike back). Andros is the fourth Ranger because of his original story with his sister being the villain they fought all along. And last but not least Wes! His romance with Jen is beautiful :)

Pat Domonia said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'm seeing a ton of great lists!!! I'm also a sucker for Red Rangers like Jason, Leo, and Scott. Speaking of which, DaiRed1987, you forgot to mention that Scott was black. T.J. and Jack weren't the only two black Red Rangers!

DaiRed1987 said...

Thanks Pat Domonia I tottalty forgot about Scott the Red RPM ranger, but I haven't watch power ranger since ninja storm and I didn;t really like Engine Sentai GO-Onger (RPM's japanese adaptation)so I apologize for my poor memory

Josh said...

My favorite ranger color is White, Specificaly MMPR White Tiger/Falcon Ranger. White Ranger was just so epic in MMPR Season 2. He once took on 5 monsters at once, and won. Go White Ranger indeed ;^p