Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gokaiger 48 and 49 Preview (3 more to go!)


 Vul Eagle, Change Griffin, Green Flash, Blue Mask, and Five Yellow


 Sun Vulcan: Takayuki Hiba (VulEagle II)
Changeman: Shou Hayate (Change Gryphon)
Flashman: Dai (Green Flash)
Maskman: Akira (Blue Mask)
Fiveman: Remi Hoshikawa (FiveYellow)

Fans on Henshin Grid voted for Red Mask, Yellow Flash, Hiba, Change Gryphon and Five Red. Two were a sheer coincidence to match: Hiba and Change Gryphon. Cool!


ZeroFlame16 said...

For the first sentai series i have watch, I have loved Gokaiger. It sucks that it has to end. Saban better not mess this up.

Mjolnir said...

Ok, so Gokaiger will now have guest stars from every series..except Zyuranger??

Kaoz said...

So, Insarn's mech is another Gunmen? What's with Zangyack and TTGL?

J-moose said...

Actually on TOEI's offical website for Gokaiger, they posted something about only one team has yet to be seen in their civilian forms, which means Zyuranger. So there's an incredibly strong possibility of a tribute episode

Lavender Ranger said...

J-moose, I doubt the 50th episode being a zyuranger tribute because they got to defeat the main villains---I heard it has been confirmed GoPink will return so most likely we will see brief cameos of some of the alumnis that came backi, including a Zyuranger member in 51.

J-moose said...

Sorry, I shouldn't have said tribute episode, but to my knowledge, there will be 51 episodes, (unless they're taking a break between seasons and not airing something on the 19th),
which means that there's a little more time, not much, to give them a spotlight. Again, like you said Lavender, it'll probably be a quick cameo, but it's better than nothing, especially if TOEI is putting the bait out there on their website.

SKullMeMory said...

This was the very first super sentai series that i have seen, to think it was by coincidence that i found it, i think they should have a special with movie heroes. The movie is going to be amazing.

James Spiring said...

Goushi, aka MammothRanger, has been confirmed by HyperHobby magazine!