Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Regarding those copyright images

Our Power Force liaison Marni has e-mailed us a message concerning the recent hundred of photos of Power Rangers poses that were discovered and shared by a fan.
Here is part of what she wrote:
"Unfortunately, these photos are not supposed to be public and contain sensitive copyrighted material. While we are very supportive of the fans and generally allow you to post content as you please, these photos are copyrighted material that we cannot allow to remain online. As a result, we have dedicated significant resources to the task of having these photos removed from public consumption."
Their legal team will be issuing take down notices to anyone who posts the photos. Saban Brands has asked us in Power Force remove any of these photos we may have posted as well as links to the downloadable files. So as a courtesy to other fans, I am spreading the word as well to remove the pictures. If you do not know what pictures I am referring to, don't worry about it. They were promotional photos of Megaforce and Mighty Morphin.

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