Thursday, February 21, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels Mega AIr Jump Set

 I picked up the Mega Air Jump set from Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels at Toys R Us. It is a Toys R Us exclusive and unlike the first Hot Wheels set that comes with the Mega Striker, it comes with a car you can't get anywhere else. I picked it up for my nephew. If it is not popular with adult fans, I see this is a favorite for my nephew and kids would love it.

At first I didn't think that the car was based on it but it slightly has the colors of the Gosei Ultimate and has some elements similar to it such as the red lines and the triangular shapes on the back of the top.

Front, side and back views. It is a convertible of sorts. It has red transparent 'windows.'

 As I said on the video, it has five tracks, four go in the first one, attaching to the clamp and the jumping ramp. The ramp is attached to a tower with another ramp. The tower ramp also has a track to hit the floor. The set comes with no paper instructions, just tiny illustrations on the back of the box. It is pretty simple to assemble, especially if you have assembled Hot Wheels tracks before which I have,

 The Red tracks come with a gold attachment that slides under the groves of the other red track and snaps with the circle dot. It is easy to dissemble as well.

Some Hot Wheels cars are usable and work in the jump. The Yellow Ranger car does not. The Red Ranger car works great. For us, even better than the silver one. There is a gold mechanism before the jump that if you hold it back, it lets the silver car do the jump successfully. The silver car comes with plastic rubber band-like band that you need to take off the wheels before using.

 I also got my grand nephew the Yellow Ranger Tiger Zord car as he requested it and it has a great design, it has bull-dozer-like wheels, but they aren't the actual wheels. The car toy wheels are covered by the 'dozer' wheels. It makes it difficult for the car to run through the Mega Air Jump track. It get stuck at the first stop and doesn't jump. Like the Blue Ranger car, it also makes it difficult for it to fit in my Nephew's Hot Wheels carrying case that carries regular Hot Wheels cars.

 I found the Blue Ranger car under my desk (I have a big desk).

 Kids Rating: 4 Stars 
Lavender Ranger's Rating: 4 Stars
My nephew Jaiden loves it! It is great for kids, easy to assemble and easy to use. Hard thing for parents is storage. I have just been dissembling it and re-assembling it. I like playing with my grand nephew and it. My nephew that is 25 and likes cars also likes this one. 

Adult Collector Rating; 2
I don't think this was made for collectors. If you are both a Hot Wheels and Power Rangers fan, I suggest picking it up just for the silver car. It is quite cool. But can it be confused with other Hot WHeels cars as it is not as 'dynamic' as the Yellow Ranger car or Blue Ranger car? Yes, it is sort of generic in the mist of Hot Wheels cars.


Unknown said...

And that's why we don't give small toys to three year olds! :)

Lavender Ranger said...

I found the blue car under my huge desk.