Sunday, April 26, 2020

Lavender Ranger's eerie guess to Kirame Silver

There is no clean image yet, just pictures of magazines but here is the sixth Kiramager--Kirame Silver.
Here is my guestimate from January, I thought he would be more silver but I did correctly guessed the weapon would have orange, blue and black. 

Kirame Silver is a young man named Crystallia Takamichi who travels the world hunting for treasure and recording his adventures in a special journal. Using the Shiny KirameChanger, Takamichi can monitor locations where treasure is found. Kirame Silvers’ weapon is the Shiny Breaker, which has multiple weapon configurations and can defeat foes using a Shining Beam attack. The Kiramagers’ will also face a new enemy know as the MonStone, a sentient KirameStone that can merge with humans to cause tremendous destruction.

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