Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Last Episodes Schedule

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Spoilers ahead!

Episode 30 “Swan Song”
October 31
Strike creates a powerful hybrid monster, combination of Thrust and Strike's Contract Beasts.

Episode 31 “Xaviax's Wrath”
November 7
Wing Knight is determined to avenge Kase, Strike attacks Kit and Wing Knight uses his Survive card against him.

Episode 32 “Advent Master Returns”
November 14
Xaviax spreads teleporting devices all over the planet. The famous Ebuluon finally appears, as the No-Men had him. He convinces Maya to become Kamen Rider Siren. Meanwhile, Xaviax uses the dragon Advent deck to bring Adam back.

Episode 33 “Out of the Void”
November 21
Some of the Ventaran Riders are out of the Advent Void and they are out to destroy the teleportation device. Adam tries to convince them not to.

Episode 34 “Back In Black”
November 28
Kit returns from the Advent Void and meets Adam, his mirror twin.

Episode 35 “A Hero's Fall”
December 5
Eubulon and Len argue about Adam; Adam talks about how Xaviax tricked him.

Episode 36 “Dark Deception”
December 12

Episode 37 “The Enemy Within”
December 19

Episode 38 “For Ventara and Earth Pt 1”
December 26

Episode 39 “For Ventara and Earth Pt 2”
--Will Not Broadcast on CW4Kids--
Xaviax goes down.

Episode 40 “A Dragon's Tale”
--Will Not Broadcast on CW4Kids--
Many people are afraid this is a clip-show of some kind and it is.

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